Tuesday, May 29, 2012

Summer is OFFICIAL!

Guys!!!  Super-awesome-giddy-all-smiles news! I GOT AN AWARD!

Mayor Gia was sweet enough to bestow me with this honor so big shout outs to her. If you're not following her, you should be. She has a menagerie of talking animals. And she loves wine. Like, a lot. A+ in my book!

I'm not sure what the criteria is for this award, other than the obvious, but I do know I'm supposed to pass on the love. Because it's my award my inner Cartman is screaming 'I do what I want!' I'll be sharing it with 2 people....

A Bozo's Abbozzo  because she's an American girl in India. Why she doesn't have a movie in thw works is beyond me but her blog is fun, funny and educational on things in her corner on the other side of the world.


Polka Dot Clovers because she's a funny bitch. I knew I was a fan solely on her about me profile info.

We're blurry but we're cute ;]
 In other news, Memorial Day weekend was pretty nice. I helped my friend move into her new apartment Saturday afternoon and then the four of us got sexified and went to the city to see Bill Bellamy at Carolines. I had a delicious "peachtini" that like a true lush I was too busy drinking to take a picture of. Sorry guys, I'll try to be less selfish in the future. We heard some great jokes, laughed until we cried and overall just had a really great time. Of course we needed to get a group pictures so we asked a random couple. Typical to girl world, we weren't satisfied and were looking around for someone else to take it. The guys obliged and like a true patriot, I thanked them by doing my civic duty...

Who doesn't love a cute boy in a uniform?

Following a glorious 3 1/2 hours of sleep I was up and prepping to spend the day down the shore with my MBFF and others. We had a cooler full of 3 different beers and tons of munchies for the day ahead. 

Got snacks?
We got a little rain but it passed within 15 minutes and then it was nothing but blue sky and sun.  Jokes, music, sun, sand, friends. All the makings of a perfect day! When you only live 90 minutes from a good beach/bar scene, it's a gorgeous day and it's only $9 to get on the beach it's almost a sin not to go every weekend. It's the cheapest form of fun available. And I'm all for cheap right now. It's already in the works to do it all over again next Sunday.

This is what awesome looks like.

How did all of your weekends go??


  1. APrinceAndProzacMay 29, 2012 at 12:33 PM

    Sounds like an awesome weekend! In other news, you're super gorgeous! 

  2. Yaaay awards! And great pics! 

  3. Hey, thanks so much! I just love getting awards :-) I was excited when I saw that Mayor Gia had given this one to you - and now I'm excited all over again lol.

    I love the pictures of you and your friends and how you got "sexified"!  You guys are beautiful and I bet are so much fun to be around!  Also, very happy to see you being so patriotic lol.

    Thanks again for the award :)

  4. I think Lady does deserve it easily, so congrats to the both of you :) Your weekend sounds like it went pretty great. Good friends, good food, good fun, and good liquor make for a great weekend indeed :) 

  5. justkeepinitrealfolksMay 29, 2012 at 3:13 PM

    I think you may have found some new fans in those men in uniform!!!

  6. YOU LOOK SO SEXIFIED, pretty lady! Love that dress!