Wednesday, June 13, 2012

Anxiety Is The New Black

If you caught up with me a few weeks ago here or on Twitter then you know that I finally received my acceptance letter from Montclair. You would think that the excitement of acheiving my goal of graduation and being accepted into a B.A. program would quell any nerves I had, right? You'd be wrong.

Why Bruce? Why...
I'm wound up tighter than Bruce Jenner's face.  This isn't advanced high school anymore. This is an actual university. With adhered to guidelines, dates and times. Gone are the days where I bang out a 3 page paper the day it's due 3-4 hours before class. No longer can I avoid studying because "I know my shit". Now is the time I have to seriously discipline myself. Put in the extra time and effort and rein in my procrastinating tendencies. That's going to be real workBut for the next few months while the start of the semester looms over me, I'm as terrified as I am excited.

Orientation was last Tuesday and I worked with my advisor to take as many classes as my schedule would  permit. I'm officially registered for 15 credits. I honestly could have gone to 18 but I figured there's no point cramming my first semester. There's winter session for that! And I am going to try to take a class or two during winter break. I'd love to be done in less than two years but there's no rush really.

When looking at the classes I'd need to fulfill the 60 credit requirement we realized that I'd be finished with all my requisite major coursework in about 2 semesters. This would leave me with 36 credits left to take. So I take a bunch of electives right? The "fun" stuff? Not quite. This girl will be using those 36 credits to earn a double minor. I'll be majoring in Justice Studies with a Paralegal Concentration and minoring in Psychology and Justice Studies and Families. Basically I'mma be ed-ja-ma-cated as hell! 

The way I see it, it can do nothing but benefit me. Instead of limiting myself to solely law, where I'd be most likely in a large or private firm or in a company's legal department I can now use all my smarts and have a position as a social worker, a child advocate, or for DYFS (Division of Youth and Family Services). Long story short, I'm opening a lot more doors to job opportunities.

And the part that really gets me? If you had spoke to me when I was 17, fresh out of high school; or when I was 21 and had just moved to New Jersey, this is never where I would have put myself. I've come a long way from my original goals and aspirations but at the same time certain parts are coming full circle. When I first started in college I was a Psychology major. And now I'm a Psych. minor. 

You know what Universe? I'll take it. 


  1. justkeepinitrealfolksJune 13, 2012 at 11:26 AM

    Exciting times ahead for you. Let me know how you like your paralegal classes. I'm retired from the practice of law.

  2. APrinceAndProzacJune 13, 2012 at 1:03 PM

    You're going to learn soooo much more than what's in your classes. It's really exciting.

    Truthfully, I am the queen of procrastination, and it did make University harder. I hardly slept. Getting to bed at 5am was EARLY for me during exam time and when essays were due. I did well, but I could have done soooo much better.

    Don't end up like me. Take care of yourself and be one of those students who gets to bed at 10pm the night before an exam because they've been reviewing the material all week. Those are the kids on the dean's list. 

  3. I think you spelt edumacated wrong but I actually prefer your spelling, there's probably a j in there somewhere. You've picked some good subjects there. It's going to be hard work, but I'm sure you're more than capable of it. Don't sell yourself short :) Though you aren't really, because you're accepting you can do it. I know you can too.

  4. Great title--I love it. But, lol, you think you'll have to stop banging out quick shitty papers? No mame, not unless you want to, that is. I remember I thought I had to change the way I dressed for University and bought a whole bunch of skirts I didn't touch until I graduated and needed work clothes--take that freshmen 15! 
    I like your spunk, and double minors are fine--seems like you're well equipped to do it, and you may even be in a better place then many entry level freshies, but why the hell not explore a little? Take a west african drum and dance class or pottery--study abroad for a semester. Join a comity. College was the most carefree time of my life and persons not growing up in the States don't even get to have half the experience that we do.
    And to be perfectly honest to you, you'll never be able to bring up the fact that you did two double minors without looking like that guy. Yes, that guy. And you don't want to be that guy.

  5. AbeerfortheshowerJune 14, 2012 at 10:09 AM

    That sounds like a lot of work, but you've got the right attitude, so good luck! Open those doors!

    Trust me, my 17 year old self wouldn't believe current-me either. But who wants to be what they wanted at 17? I'd probably be stuck in a boring IT job, bouncing off my cubicle walls, wanting to kill myself.

  6. I hope this is what you've been tweeting about - maybe just nerves from all this? Although, your tweets sounds more desperate. Hope you're doing ok. xo

  7. I know having a double minor makes me "that girl" but it's either that or a double major. Either way I'm going to be "that girl". At 27 going abroad isn't really an option, although I would love to.

  8. This time around (umm, like, the 4th) I plan to be that student.

  9. I'm older than you and living abroad. Look, all I'm saying is don't rule it out! Check with the financial aid department, your advisor, whomever--there is always money for these sorts of things....