June 04, 2012

Hats Off to Me

Here it is, the post you've all been waiting for (mainly so I'll shut up about it) Graduation weekend!

Of course I took pictures with my phone but my camera's settings were all screwy so any pictures my friend Mike took with my camera came out blurry and craptastic. I asked my mom to e-mail me the ones she took. She did even better. She printed and mailed them all to me and I got them last week. After some scanner reconfiguration we're ready to rock!

The ceremony actually wasn't too bad. 2 1/2 hours to get through the procession, all the speeches and the name calling. Maybe it was because I was sitting with friends or maybe it was because I was texting Mike throughout the entire thing, but it went by fast.

In good planning Boyfriend and I went to AC for the weekend the day after graduation. We got lucky and had absolutely gorgeous weather the entire time. 

We walked the boardwalk all day Saturday and I ended up getting my 2nd sunburn ever. I didn't feel it at all and didn't even notice until I changed my clothes to take a nap before dinner. It's upsetting. It means my skin/chemical makeup/something has changed. At 25 I started using sunscreen on my face. Mainly because it's in my moisturizer and makeup. But now, I actually burn. It's new to me and I'm not sure what to make of it. I feel like part of me has been lost. Have I used up my Free Tan card?? God I hope not...

We stopped in the Oh My Godard art gallery that's in the "mall" and there were SO many pieces I wanted to take home. The price tags made it a tad impossible (plus I didn't win big) so I went home with links to the artists instead. This one was tagged at around $1,700 and was about 3' long. I was told they could do a smaller one for about $500. (sorry Mom!) I saw this one and immediately thought of my mom. Not only is she a coffee junkie she's a whiz at Scrabble. Seeing these in person was amazing. They are so life like. They also had Monopoly ones which were equally awesome. There was another artist who did paintings of wine glasses/bottles and yhey were insanely realistic. Reflections in the glass and all. Unfortunately, I can't remember the name of the artist but I can always call the gallery. I'd really love to have one of his pieces. Look at me! Considering buying art. 

We went to a classic car show that was on the boardwalk and walked through just about every single casino.

I made Boyfriend take pictures with me since we had none. Even if I was being a child about them. That's half the fun isn't it?! 

Saturday night we went over to Borgata and had dinner at Fornelletto, which was AMAZING. It's an Italian restaurant that's pretty much in the basement. Walking down the steps felt like descending into a wine cellar. The atmosphere is intimate but not stuffy. 

While walking around Borgata we ran into a group of three people, one of which was screaming gay (he was telling girls that were passing, "Work it bitch!") He asked if I'd take a picture of them, which I did, and he proceeded to tell me how amazingly pretty I was and that he loved my dress, etc. Have I mentioned that I LOVE the gays? His two girlfriends kept assuring Boyfriend he was gay. We took a picture but like an asshole I didn't get one with my phone. 

Overall I had a great long weekend. Graduated, saw my parents and best friends and spent a gorgeous weekend in AC with the Boyfriend. 

And of course no trip up the NJ turnpike is complete without a plane coming in for a landing. As a side note, this is one of my favorite things* to look for when I'm on the TPK. I love watching the planes take off or land.


  1. Lady in RedJune 04, 2012

    Wow!!! So much fun :) What a great collection of pictures and everyone (especially you) looks so very happy. Billions of congratulations and I just loved hearing about it all.  The gay guy sounded very nice lol 

  2. Aw, congrats! Good for you.

  3. justkeepinitrealfolksJune 04, 2012

    Congratulations to you. I love AC. Best boardwalk in the world!!!!

  4. Awww man, I wanted to see the gay guy xD Congratulations on graduating :) It sounds like you had a lot of fun both there, and afterwards. 

  5. AbeerfortheshowerJune 04, 2012

    Congratulations! The graduation pics are awesome, and it sounds like you had a fun time at the boardwalk... minus that sunburn. Ouch.

  6. APrinceAndProzacJune 04, 2012

    Congrats! You sure had an awesome weekend.

    I'm sorry about your new sunburn situation- that sucks!

  7. OMFG CONGRATULATIONS!!!!! I hope you are ridiculously proud of yourself. BECAUSE YOU DAMN WELL SHOULD BE. 

    And..because I can't stop myself....that ceiling/chandelier/epic art thing? FanfuckingTAStic.

  8. Congrats and awesome pics! (Please excuse me as I catch up on your blog and leave a comment on every post.)