Thursday, July 19, 2012

An Eye For An Eye

You know what I find most interesting about our government entities? That they're all full of shit. In the 1700's people bled and died for the colonies to break away from England's sovereign immunity. We wanted our own government where the rules and laws weren't created, enforced and decided by the same person. Ironically enough, here we are in the 21st century and we still have the same problem. 

Sure is good to be king right?

That little history lesson/rant brings me to my present, and 6 years running, problem. The IRS. Unlike the checks and balances system we have in place for the Legislative, Judicial and Executive branches, government agencies pretty much have free reign as "king" of their domain. Government agencies are basically the alphabet crews. You know, the  FBI, CIA, IRS, DEA, etc. They make the rules and they enforce them. If you try to argue against the rule, you automatically lose.

My alphabet problem is the IRS. My worthless excuse for a human former boss decided that he wanted to avoid paying payroll taxes on my wages. Instead of paying me via a W-2 the way he's supposed to, you know, legally, which is ironic with him being a lawyer and all, he decided to pay me via a 1099 which makes it appear as though I'm self employed. This would be all well and good IF IT WERE TRUE! I have never, in all my years of employment, for anyone, been self employed. Why? Because I don't have my own business of any type and because it sucks. And to prove that point I filed a form with the IRS (April 2009) for them to make an official decision as to whether I was employed or self employed as my employer liked to claim. A year later (March, 2010) when the decision came in, the IRS said "we hold you to have been an employee for federal tax purposes". (Oh yes, that's a direct quote)

Every year I've filed my taxes the way Uncle Sam orders me to. I file and then I look at the bill and curse my boss to the other end of the galaxy. Last week I got a letter from the IRS saying that I owed an additional $6,609 for my 2010 taxes. Making the total I owe $9,211. And that's only for 2010. Why? Because I supposedly didn't pay self employment tax. Let's take a minute for you to think of the angriest you've ever been over something you didn't do... That's how I feel.

Someone please explain to me how I can be deemed an employee for 2006-2009, not change employers or have my job title altered in anyway but apparently I was self employed in 2010. The very same year in which they made the determination.

I have spent all morning typing a response to the IRS stating that I do not agree with any of the changes and providing my documentation to prove it. I know that I'm correct. I know that I was not self employed. I know that I have to pay the tax owed, which is fine. I know that I wasn't the one trying to evade taxes. I know that I'm the one who will get screwed. The IRS is all about making money. They don't care how they get it or who it's coming from. They just want the checks to cash.

I'll be damned if they think I'm not going to fight this tooth and nail. That POS used me as his scapegoat to avoid paying payroll tax and now they're going to try to come after me as if I did something wrong? I don't think so. Employers are required to pay a percentage towards unemployment and Social Security. For the past 6 years he's avoided that. He was audited by the State last July and had to pay 15-16,000 in back taxes. I will absolutely see to it that the same happens on a federal level. If it requires me suing him, then so be it.  

I am not a spiteful person. Not unless I've been given an absolute reason to be. And he has. He's put me in an unforgivable situation because I didn't know what was going on. I didn't know that a 1099 doesn't withhold taxes. He screwed me and it's my job to return the favor.

/end rant


  1. Oh, wow, my blood is boiling for you. I love me a good reason to be a heinous bitch toward authority.

    Go get 'em, tiger.

  2. I would be pretty damn angry if I was you, and in fact I am still pretty damn angry. It wasn't your fault at all, and I hope you can get it sorted. I really do. That guy screwed you over, and now the government is too.

  3. As a self-employed writer-whore, I can attest that 1099s SUCK. He would have had to tell you that you were switching from employed to contractor status. And lemme tell you, you get royally SCREWED on the self-employment front. Especially because since you were an employee, you can't really write anything off on your taxes. I feel ya, lady. I hope it all works out!

    Also: I'm BITCHZILLA hear me roooooaaar is my new favorite blog tag. The end.

  4. That is horrible! I would definitely fight that!

  5. This is some crap, you have every right to fight this. Keep on fighting it, providing documentation, pushing back. Don't let them wear you down or roll you over. If you have to get an atty to fight your shady atty, do it, and then make sure you write into your suit filing that he has to cover your legal fees when you win. And you will. Because you aren't going to stop until you do. ROAR!!

  6. abeerfortheshowerJuly 23, 2012 at 10:06 AM

    This is terrible. My millionaire brother in law did something idiotic like this with his company, even though my wife (who helped him with accounting) told him what exactly he was getting into. He did it anyway, and it screwed him over royally, and all of his employees, so I absolutely know what you're going through. Fight it out.