Monday, July 23, 2012

No Sleep Til...

Lately my days have been all about grab 'n go meals and endless coffee. I'm not sure where my stamina is coming from but I kind of feel as if I'm running on fumes. The days are blurring together more than ever before and I seem to always be tired. It seems there's no downtime.

Last Thursday a friend and I went to the midnight release of Batman. It. Was. AWESOME. I enjoyed it much more than The Dark Knight, even though that movie was pretty great. I think Nolan did a great job with the story overall and I look forward to what's coming. I crawled into bed at 4am Friday morning and slept for 3 hours to get up for work. Friday night I came home only to go to the bar with MBFF later that night.

Saturday I was up early and made it my mission to get errands done. Lately I've been slacking on everything. After returning and getting new library books, exchanging my outdated DVR, tidying up the house, cleaning out my car and hitting the post office I actually felt pretty productive. I then lounged around waiting for Boyfriend so we could go help friends paint their new house. We ended up leaving a little after midnight. Sunday morning I crawled into bed at 2:30am only to get up 6 hours later to help the same friends move all of the furniture into the new house. We loaded up stuff from the parents house, then headed to the storage unit and load the U-Haul, then to the temporary abode (the other parents' house) and loaded everything from there and then went to the new house to unload. Needless to say it was a long, sweaty, muscle-abusing day. And it was a blast. We laughed and argued and ate and celebrated a job well done.

Today is all for me though. The goal is to get home from work and go to sleep. I doubt it will happen as I'll want/need to clean (seriously, my cats are on thin ice right now) and will probably find some way to waste time/organize something. But I need something. Some type of lazy, relaxing me time to just shut down and do nothing. Here's hoping...


  1. Sometimes being busy is the best remedy to help keep your thoughts on tasks at hand, it's a good way to cope. I hope you get your downtime soon and can just relax and let go for a while.

  2. I have absolutely no idea how you do it. I really don't. I can't be productive for a few hours, let alone be nonstop for a few days.


    *jealous face jealous face jealous face* be completely whiny and self-absorbed...I'm also TOTALLY jealous of your endless coffee. We're out. We've been out for days. I don't want to go to the store. I don't want to need it. I keep telling myself I DON'T NEED IT, IT'S JUST A STEAMING CUP OF CAFFEINATED HEAVEN, THAT'S ALL, AND I DON'T NEED THAT....

    but I totally do. And I'm noticing my bitchiness increases exponentially every day without coffee. so basically I've decided that drinking coffee is actually my personal way of saving the world by reducing global bitchiness.

    also: moving sucks, especially when it's not your stuff. I sympathize greatly.

  4. I want to see Batman, too. Glad to hear that you liked it!