Tuesday, July 31, 2012

So This Is Passion

A while back I posted on here about my chosen major and minors for school. Following my family tragedy, I had a change of heart. I posted on my personal FB page asking for opinions of what people thought as far as doing a major and double minor or just doing a double major. I ended up with a variety of responses but ultimately came to a decision on my own.

I chose the double major route and will now be earning a B.A. in Justice Studies (the original one) as well as a B.A. in Family Services. The only stipulation is that I can't officially add the second major until I complete one semester. The Family Services program requires a minimum of a 3.0 GPA. I intend to meet and exceed that. The plan is to then go back for another year and a half and earn my Master's in social work.

It's a huge leap from the plan I had when I started this journey but this time it feels different. I'm actually excited about my choice and don't feel as if I'm persuing it simply because of the investment (6 years) I've already made in this field. I feel drive and determination to do better than "okay". I want to make honors or the Dean's list. And I know I can. I just need to stay focused.

Having these feelings is slightly bittersweet. I'm excited and ready beyond explanation, that's obvious. But I can't help but think up until now that I've been in a haze. I have never been this determined to acheive something. I feel as thought I've never wanted something as badly as I want this. I feel this is something I'm going to enjoy doing. Something that will give me options and new avenues to explore.

I feel... passionate.


  1. Good for you! I'm sorry it took such a tragedy for you to realize this, though..

  2. Like Gia, I'm sorry it took something like what happened for you to end up like this. But it's great that you are now :) Stay passionate, work hard, and you can get what you want :)

  3. "a life without passion, is like a life without air. Suffocation is inevitable."

    Some people never find it, or know it and never pursue it. The journey, while living your life with passion is what everyone talks about. It's so much better than just waiting to get to the next step.

    Enjoy, congratulations and good luck:)

  4. I say fan-freaking-tastic. Good for you for grabbing life by the balls. Now own it, lady.