Friday, August 17, 2012

Broom Fell, Company's Coming

Happy Friday!!
(I've been waiting all week to say that. Obviously...)

Last night MBFF started bar tending (I feel this should be one word. Spell check says otherwise.) so my friend J and I went to check him out in action and have a few drinks. He was pouring at La Gloria in Queens and I have to say he did a good job!

Making a Cosmo

This was on the wall, which I thought was pretty cool.

Tonight a very good friend from VA comes up with his girlfriend and we'll all be having a grand ol' time out and about in the city.

Saturday my parents and niece are coming to visit. And Sunday we're headed down the shore. I'm extra happy about this. Even though she won't get to really enjoy it it's still her first time at the beach so you know I'll be taking tons of pictures. I'm so enamored with my niece it's ridiculous. I'm not the type of person to be all "ooh baby!" but with her? I disgust my own self. I mean seriously. It's like watching a burly biker dude cry because he fell of his Harley. Sad really.  

Anywho, I'll see all your purdy faces on Monday!

Happy weekend!

P.S. Does anyone know the movie the post title came from?


  1. PerspicacityGalena91August 17, 2012 at 12:40 PM

  2. bartending is totally one word. because I said so.

  3. I agree, should be 1 word. Let's just make that happen. Sounds like you have a lovely weekend on deck! Hooray for quality time with the family and friends!

  4. Have a great time! This post gave me such a smile :) Thanks for sharing and I hope we get to see some of the pics! x

  5. YOUR MBFF IS A BARTENDER? That's entirely too awesome. And convenient.

    And I'm with you: bartending is TOTALLY one word. Shut it, spellcheck. (Spellcheck also doesn't think "spellcheck" should be one word. Irony.)