Monday, August 27, 2012

I've Been Waiting All Year For Monday Night

Today is the big day. 

Boyfriend and I celebrate our 1 year anniversary today!

For most, this is a day spent together, canoodling or going to a fancy dinner. 

For us, it will always be spent apart. 

A year ago, when boyfriend decided to pop the bf/gf question, he did so on the eve of a yearly work conference. He was leaving for Vegas the very next day. At the time it was cute and sappy.

Now, it means that every subsequent anniversary he will be at a week long conference in a different part of the U.S. This year it's San Antonio. I drove him to the airport Sunday morning. 

And so in anticipating his absence, we went out on Saturday. 

He wouldn't tell me where we were going or even which town we'd be in. Unfortunately, he slipped up. On the way back from down the shore yesterday he mentioned it wouldn't take long to get to Hoboken. Then, on the way there his friend called and he asked where he was taking me. He sung like a canary.
And I was so excited. 

 We went to...
Deliciousness on a stick... literally.
I ordered the Love Martini at our waiter's suggestion and I'm so glad. Y'all know what Hawaiian Tropic sun tan oil smells like right? Ok, now imagine you could drink it. That's exactly what the martini tasted like: Malibu rum, peach schnapps, cranberry
juice and fresh strawberries. It was sooo good. 

We went with the four-course dinner since it was the most sensible way to have everything they offered. 
Cheese dippers
We had the fiesta cheese fondue, which was really good. I mean, so much better than just the regular cheese dip. It had salsa and jalapeño peppers and had the perfect amount of zip. Besides, I love me some cheese.

We each had the house salad for the second course with the tangy house dressing. For me, that was the only thing lacking. The salad itself was fine but I didn't love the dressing. It was tangy but not in a way I liked. I think I was expecting a type of vinaigrette and this had more of a citrus flavor. 

The Mojo
The third course was our entrée and we went with the "Mojo" style for our cooking. It had lime juice, orange juice, red diced potatoes, broccoli and whole mushrooms. Ordinarily I don't like anything with lime or orange juice but the two weren't overpowering so it was a nice extra layer of flavor. 
Clockwise from bottom left: Herb crusted chicken breast;
teriyaki marinated sirloin; white shrimp; sesame crusted ahi tuna;
and in the center, seasoned angus sirloin
Ok, so I clearly wasn't reading the menu, or listening to our waiter (he was pretty soft spoken) when he told us which meats were on the plate. If I had known I would have been good with four of the five. Ahi tuna? In my mouth? Surely you jest. But really, it was delicious! Who would have thought that I would eat tuna... and like it! I mean, I'm not about to move on to sushi or anything, but ahi tuna, fondue style? Worth it. 

And then of course there's dessert. How to decide? Boyfriend wanted the Cookies 'n Cream Marshmallow Dream and I wanted the S'Mores. We got the S'Mores. Mainly because I'm not a fan of a lot of marshmallow and his choice seemed to be focused on it. 
Just went to upload a picture. Realized I didn't take one. Obviously I was too busy eating it all to take a picture. Sorry. You would have done the same thing. 

But wait! There's more!

What all did boyfriend get me? 
Oh I'm gonna ring it alright.

This is "Logan" but I've decided to
rename him "Burlington" I mean, look
at that hat. It screams Vermont winter.

This single rose was at our table at dinner. 

The square cube in the middle has his initial on it, "K"
and the shiny thing is a crystal encrusted heart. 

First year anniversary? He gets an A+


  1. SO CUTE!! Congrats...those are awesome gifts. I need to make Boyfriend take me to the melting pot. I love cheese and could it be bad??

  2. Happy Anniversary, love! I'm thrilled that you had the brilliant day together that you deserve. =)

  3. Awwww I really love the presents :) Happy anniversary to you two. Its a shame you won't get to spend it together but you had a good night out and you can always celebrate again when he gets back.

  4. Congrats! This is all adorable.

    I love the Melting Pot so much and the Love Martini is one of favorites. So is the Ying Yang. OMG I can taste the Ying Yang now... :)

  5. First thing I did was send that sex bell to my boyfriend. Our anniversary is on its way too. Crossing my fingers he does as good as yours. You are one lucky lady.

  6. Congratulations! I need that sex bell for Kiefer. TMI?

  7. I'm obsessed with their fondue! It's like crack to me! CRACK, I SAY!