Thursday, September 13, 2012

A Towtally Inconvenient Story

The past 2 days have been a headache.

Monday night I slept at boyfriend's house. (I really need a new nickname for him...) which was fine. When I went to leave Tuesday morning I found my car to be missing. Awesome. I knew it had been towed. See, I kind of forgot neglected to renew my registration back at the end of April. So um, it hasn't been exactly legal to drive my car.

Still, it was something I was hoping to avoid. I mean April to September, nothing. One week before I'm supposed to get a new car, towed. Such is my luck.

Anywho... boyfriend drove me home and I spent the day slacking being somewhat productive. I called the police department to see about getting things taken care of and I was told I'd need to register the vehicle before they would give me a release. Seeing as how I was going to get my mom's car this weekend I saw no point in registering my car.

Fast forward several hours and phone calls and I'm told that I need to have permission from the SGT in order to get a release without registering the car. Highlight, the SGT doesn't come in until 3:30. Here it is 10am and I now can do nothing but wait. So I did what any normal person would do. I applied to a bunch of jobs and then played Sims3. For the rest of the day.

3:30 comes and goes and I still don't speak to the SGT. By now my temper is reaching its capacity. I wanted the vehicle "released" and signed over to the towing company ASAP so that I could keep the fees down. I wasn't going to keep the car, I just wanted my stuff. The towing company insisted they needed a release. It was $75 the first day. It was $95 yesterday. Today when i get there I have to hand over $115 all because someone couldn't return a phone call.

Yesterday was eventful as well. I spent the morning actually being productive while I waited for UPS to drop off the overnighted title and whatnot from my mom. As soon as it came I was off to the DMV to hopefully register without incident. After a minor snag everything was worked out. Boyfriend and I then made the 3 hr drive to my parents so I could get my "new" car.

So, things I'm currently excited about:
  • I have a car I don't have to worry about breaking down in.
  • I have a key fob!!! Seriously, best. thing. ever.
  • I have auto windows that actually work
  • I have a registered and insured vehicle.
  • Tomorrow is Friday and PAYDAY! (not that I'll see any of it)


  1. we had a similar thing happen with car-towage. Sorry this happened to you, my dear.

    I am so excited for payday tomorrow, too.

    Congrats on your new car and key fob :)

  2. Paydays can be mean when you know you're not really going to see much of it :( I'm glad you have yourself a new car :D The window on the passenger side of my dad's car is broken, but it's not been as big a deal now the weather is cooling down. Summer got unbearable at times. You also did good to avoid a serious incident at the DMV. They're notorious for being very bad at what they're supposed to do.

  3. Congrats on the "new-to-you" car :) I know how it feels to be in those crazy situations. In fact my SUV was just repossessed and our other car is on it's last legs. We have our fingers crossed on the trip down to Jersey this weekend. We need it to make the move, and then were good because my wife's uncle is a mechanic. Let me know what's hiring! I need a

  4. Everytime I'm there I expect the worst. It would just be my luck. Fortunately, it was problem free.

  5. Yikes! I hope you guys make it down this weekend. It will be a gorgeous trip. I'll have my fingers crossed for you! NJ has lots of jobs... just depends on what you're looking for or willing to accept.

  6. Annoying. But YAY for working car.

  7. I still don't have a key fob. I'm jealous!

  8. I'm loving every button-pressing minute!

  9. HELL YEAH NEW CAR! Sorry about all the oldcardrama....but seriously: NEW CAR!!!!!