Thursday, September 6, 2012

My 15th First Day of School

There are many firsts in life. First words, steps, kiss, car, job. But there is one that seems to be a constant in my life.

The first day of school.

Last night was my first night of classes at MSU and for the first time ever, I was dreading it. Not because I had to go back, but because I was much more inclined to go to 101 and watch the Giants game. And in case you've forgotten, trying to park and get to class on time on the first day is hell. I was 30 minutes late for my 5:30 class. And did I mention that I didn't have a pen or pencil with me? Not one.

First up was Cultural Anthropology. I took this back during my first college tour and unfortunately it was in the semester I dropped out. This class seems like it's going to be on the fence. There will be a lot of movies, which I'm good with. The professor is somewhat soft-spoken so it's hard to hear over the whirr of the AC unit. Also? The class is packed.  

At 8:15 I make my way to Troy and the Trojan War. I'm iffy about this class. To satisfy a GenEd requirement, I took it. It was the best of my choices. "Black Thought"?  Umm, no thank you. (Yes, there was really a class entitled Black Thought) I think I'll do ok. Troy was hot a good movie interesting. Plus since it's focused on that specific event and I'm pretty knowledgeable on it, having seen the movie 134923 times, I think my odds are good. And if I need to brush up by watching Brad Pitt in minimal clothing, well then I guess I'll be studying hard this semester. Actually, we're required to watch the movie after we finish reading The Iliad. In all honesty though, this may end up being my favorite class this semester. My teacher is really cool. She tries to keep it upbeat and she's really good at telling the mythological stories. I wasn't bored once during the entire hour and 15 I was there. She made sure to let us out in time to catch some of the game (A+ in my book), which unfortunately we lost. We'll meet again Romo. Just . You. Wait.  

In other news, I got myself a free ticket (up to $12) to Finding Nemo 3D. I'm sure you can imagine my excitement. After all, it's Disney. I'll be going alone of course. Lor, are you available!?

If you missed it on Twitter, my computer died on Thursday night. I wish I knew it was coming. I was so unprepared. Boyfriend and I got home late. He turned on the kitchen light and simultaneously, the bulb blew, as well as the circuit for my apartment. We went down to the basement, I flipped the switch and hoorah! I have lights again. Friday morning I go to turn it back on. Nothing. Absolutely nothing. It's plugged into a surge protector and everything else, monitor, external HD, printer, etc., still works. The tower - gone. So now I have no computer for awhile and it's making me crazy. I mean, I use my iPhone for just about everything but sometimes you need an actual computer. And there are some things I'm blocked from doing at work. You know, like when you're trying to find a new job.


  1. Well I do think that there are times when even with an iPod/Pad you need a computer. Such as any time. I hope you can get one soon. Is Black Thought really what it sounds like?

  2. yeeaaah searching for a new job while at the current job might result in a bit of a story, haha.

    let me know how the 3d nemo is. I'm so excited.

    also, hope you fall in love with all your classes really soon. 

  3. Your so lucky to get those Finding Nemo tickets...I actually want to see it more than my kids.....and I know how it feels being super late the first day of class, and then not being prepared. I feel like I have been working on my degree for what seems like an eternity, but that's what happens.... I decided to go to college married with kids and working full time. Anyway, hang in there! I took this semester off, but I will be in the same boat with you in the Spring! yuck.

  4. I hope your Anthro class gets more interesting. Watching Brad Pitt though? That's great 'homework'!

  5. Cultural Anthropology and Troy and the Trojan War? Your classes sound cool!

  6. Sorry, it's Development of Black Thought. "Dominant social, philosophical, theological and aesthetic movements in Afro-American literature primarily in non-fiction prose."

    Umm. pass @

  7. I'm a Disney Rewards member. Collect codes, get stuff. This was a special, if I had bought Lady and the Tramp (thanks mom!) then I got a free vouvher.

    I feel you on school. I work FT and take FT credits.


    But for real, I wonder who I will beat over the head, I MEAN, convince to come with me. All the Disney movies in 3D. All of them!


  9. Then it sounds like exactly what I thought it was. 

  10. I totally geeked out over your classes. I love mythology! And your professor sounds pretty sweet.

    Sweet in the awesome way, not sweet in the candy way. Man, I just need to give up on slang.