October 18, 2012

A Decade of Change

Last night I read a message on my iPhone that required actual FB use. The reason? The date for my 10 year high school reunion has been set. 11/23/12

Umm what?!

When I graduated I was going into college with a major in Spanish. I was living in my first apartment with my then boyfriend and life was generally good. I changed my major to psychology and loved it. All was still well, then post high school life happened. I dated, partied, moved, fought, changed jobs, made good and bad decisions and ultimately landed in a good spot.

Let me be clear about a few things. High school wasn't full of torment for me; I don't feel pressed to lose 20 pounds in order to wow an old flame; and I don't feel like an underachiever because I'm not married with kids. I'm actually feeling pretty indifferent about it but I am excited to go. Mainly because the loser closet decorator that I am wants to see the theme and decorations. Plus, food and snacks? I ♥ snacks! Still, it will be nice to see some people. In the recent years I've only had one goal when it came to reunion time: have a college degree. That's it. As most of you know, it shamelessly irritates the snot out of me that I'm still in school. However, as of May, that goal will be checked of my list. I'll be back in school come reunion time but I'll have a degree already. Mission accomplished.

And then I started thinking...

Something that has crossed my mind more than once over the last 10 years. What's the point? Reunions aren't like they used to be. With all the social networking capabilities staying in touch is a lot easier than it used to be. I mean I found out via Facebook. Even though nothing beats a face-to-face interactions there really is no need to "catch up".

As so eloquently put by Katy Fincham who is an account executive and contributor at Maroon Blog:
"The popularity of Facebook completely eliminated the excitement of high school reunions. For the last seven years, each of us has had almost instant access into our classmates’ everyday lives. Whether I want to or not, I’m aware of who’s married, who’s engaged, who has kids, where people work, where they’ve traveled to, etc. Who needs to have a high school reunion, when every day is a virtual reunion?"
My thoughts exactly. 
For those of you have have gone to your reunions, what was it like? What did you wear? Were there still old grudges or rivalries present? Did you connect with people you never would have associated with in high school?


  1. I haven't been to a reunion, and should my old school decide to have one, then I won't be going. I think it's still worth going to a reunion. Don't let virtual interactions win, they're nice and you may know what everyone has been up to, but it's still nothing compared to real interaction. The day we let virtual reactions be better than real ones, is the day that we've gone too far.

  2. Yep. No need. I have no plans of going to mine. If I want to see you, I'll set up a date when I'm in town.

  3. I say go. I went to my 5, 10, and 15 year HS reunions and I'm glad I did. Not because they were awesome or I felt out of touch, but because it gave me a good excuse to see all the people I like and see a lot of the time anyways. We all still stay in touch for the most part, but there were the random few people that I was curious about and was interested to see what had happened to them since that last day of high school. The 5 was boring, all in college, a few marriages, a few babies. 10 was slightly more interesting, real careers, divorces, scandals, and 15 was just a small get together with a bigger party for the awesome ones afterwards... all good times.