Monday, October 8, 2012

A Funny Thing Happened At Work

And by funny I mean totally fucking stressful.

I got a call from HR last Tuesday. I was told she had received a piece of mail for me and I needed me to come down to her office. Umm what? I'm thinking two things: 1)who the hell knows my office address? and 2) why can't she just inter-office it to me? As a joke I made a comment to my cube neighbor that it was probably the IRS garnishing my wages. Ha. Famous.Last.Words.

Yup. It was a letter from the IRS informing my employer that they are to dock my pay by more than 70% and send it to the IRS. Y'all remember my POS boss right? And how he's the one who put me in this situation in the first place? If not you can get the back stories HERE and HERE. And yea, you read that right. More than 70%. They are allowing me to receive a semi-monthly paycheck of $406.25 which is absolutely cause for a meltdown. That's $812.50/month. My rent is $940/month. You do the math.

Several tears and many "please hold"'s later I've worked out an agreement with them. It effectively stops the levy so I won't be docked pay and they're getting paid so it's win-win. It more or less means that any nano-thought of a social life is gone. Work, school, sleep, pay bills, repeat. Every-damn-day. 

Sometimes I swear my life running by the code of Murphy's Law. There's always something...


  1. NOOOOOOOOOO. What a pain. I remember when you were blogging about dealing with that. Worst thing ever. 

  2. That is really damn shitty :( Garnishing salaries I can almost understand (though not yours, it wasn't your fault) but 70%? That's not right really.

  3. That sucks!! I'm so sorry hon! I hope your POS ex-boss burns long and hard...

  4. This whole thing is RIDICULOUS. I'm so sorry you're stuck in the job-bills-school-repeat hamster wheel. It sucks. So glad you reached an agreement at least.