Monday, October 22, 2012

A New York State of Mind

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"I'm back, back in the New York groove..."

Literally and figuratively. I went home to my parents' this weekend. My sister's birthday was Sunday. She would have been 17 so I knew it would be difficult day.

Overall the weekend went well. Boyfriend came with me so I think that helped. It gave my dad someone to talk baseball (ugh) and whatnot with.

And now for the highlights!

Saturday afternoon we went to the Iron kettle Pumpkin Farm in Candor, NY. It's a fall staple. I was torn between going here or to Jackson's. I made the mistake of going here. I say mistake ONLY because after we got there I remembered that it's Jackson's that's bigger and that's the one with semi-interactive displays (there's a "pumpkin house" you can go in). Even though it was rough for my Dad since we took my sister here when she was little, it was a good afternoon overall.

"I'm late! I'm late, for a very important date!"

3 Little Kittens

Pumpkin family wedding

And what's a visit home without cooing over my adorable niece?


My favorite tater-tot.

Saturday night my brother's band had a show to play at a local bar just over the border in PA. I've seen them play before and they're pretty good. They stick to punk styled stuff (GreenDay, Blink 182, etc.) I tell him they need to expand their genre if they want to broaden their audience, but they write their own songs too so that's a plus. My brother can pick up a song and have it learned in a day or 2. It was the first time Boyfriend heard them play and he agreed they did a great job.

Rayelene 43

Sunday we went to brunch but kept it very relaxed and casual. The morning was difficult but we got through it. It still bothers me that I'm having an easier time adjusting/coping than everyone else. That's not to say that I don't have my bad days, because I do. I always will. I just feel as if I'm having an easier time coping and it makes me feel guilty. 

Later in the day we watched football (thank you GMEN) and Mom and I played Super Scrabble. More letters, double the points values, bigger board and quadruple letter/word spaces. As always she beat me. This time she broke 1000 while I was floating around in the 400s. Someday, just once I'm hoping I can beat her. Even if it's by 1 point. She played full 7-letter words on three occasions. And if you know anything about Scrabble you know the joy in that. (It means she got the points for her word in general and an extra 50 points for using all 7 tiles). We've decided that if I had "Scrabble Eyes" I wouldn't get "Scrabble-ized" every time we play.


What did you do this weekend??


  1.  It's good you were able to have fun, even if the circumstances around it weren't so good. I find I'm terrible at Scrabble. I have a good vocabulary, and know a lot of words, but I'm no good with anagrams and taking random letters and turning them to words. You also shouldn't feel too bad about coping with things better. Everyone grieves in different ways, and some people move on quicker than others.

  2. looks like you have a lot of fun!
    and it makes me smile that you went to go see your little brother perform. i get to see my little sister perform alot these days and it makes me smile!
    following your blog via the gfc blog hop. looking forward to future posts :)morgan

  3. Okay so scrabble with your mom-- is that not just the sweetest thing.

    I'm sorry that your weekend was a mixture of joy and hurt.  Your family is lucky to have you to be there, for the scrabble and what not. =)

    Aloha, Following ya now and forever and ever from the GFC hop.  We're riding the wave of life together at and I would so love to have ya with me on this great adventure.  Come join us!xoxo,

  4. Great pics!

  5. Thanks for visiting! Scrabble is always a joy.

  6. I would think feeling guilty for getting on is a little like survivor's guilt, and it must feel absolutely terrible. I say: good for you for moving forward, exactly the way your sister would have wanted you too. You'll be a pillar of strength for your family, and they're so lucky to have you. You're staying strong, pulling them forward. 

    And LOOK AT THAT LITTLE FROG BIB! Is it a bib? I think it's a bib. Whatever it is, I LOVE it—she's such a cutie!