Monday, October 29, 2012

By George!

Today I'm linking up with Sami at Sami's Shenanigans for the Weekend Update blog hop. 

My weekend has been extended because of this bitch Sandy. Heard about her? Someone's in need of a time out if you ask me. 

Anywho... Saturday I spent running errands and hanging out in the Apple store. I'd been having some problems with my 4 and wanted it replaced. Especially since I accidentally knocked it into the sink while the water was running. I got it out and dried but when I would make/take calls the other person couldn't hear me. Thankfully I'm still under warranty.

Sunday was even better. The Boyfriend and I finally walked across the George Washington Bridge. It's something I've been meaning to do forever and just never got around to doing. He suggested it Saturday night and all I could say was YES!

I'm used to driving under these arches, but walking up to and under them is impressive. They're much larger than they appear. 

When you head towards the walkways and periodically along the sidewalk there are emergency phones, "you are not alone" and crisis hotline signs. The GWB sees jumpers frequently. Aside from people wanting to jump in the first place, the sad thing is that people don't go out far enough and end up jumping to the pavement below. 

Also? The distance is much farther than it looks. That's 212 feet guys. 

Halfway across I stopped for a landscape shot. Can you guess which side is which??

The Boyfriend teased me for taking this but I only saw beauty in it. The upper level was opened in 1931. This bridge is old. 

I've always heard about the Little Red Lighthouse but I've never seen it... until now. I've obviously zoomed in on this but it is little. It's only 40 ft. tall. 

I kind of got lectured for this one. 'babe, be careful... babe, don't put your head out there...' Isn't he cute? Obviously I wasn't listening. I was in amateur photographer mode and wanted this shot. 

The rest of the day was spent watching football. I was overjoyed about the Giants game... at first, and then they started slacking and let Dallas score 24 points. Fortunately we came back to take the win. Did I mention Boyfriend is a Dallas fan? I kept the taunting to myself ...this time.


What did you all do this weekend??


  1. Awwww, I used to live riiiight there!  Miss that 'hood.  Thanks for the memories.  Stay safe in the storm!

  2. It's been there all that time and you never made it over? I find it's kinda funny like that when there's a local thing that you never go to but tourists go to all the time. Nothing like that for me though :) I think even if you are out of warraty Apple are quite nice, at least they were to my brother.

  3. Keep safe during the storm!

  4. This is so cool! I've driven across the bridge but never walked. I also know of someone who knows someone who jumped off the bridge. So much going on with one landmark. It seems impressive. :)


  5. Wow I've been living on the East Coast all my life (grew up in Jersey now live in Manhattan) and never looked at the bridge through that lense. Thanks for sharing :)

  6. Welcome - thanks for stopping by!

  7. You know, the bridge isn't even a tourist attraction. You'd think it would be.

  8. So glad you got to go adventuring before that bitch Sandy hit. I could make soooooo many Grease jokes here. But I won't. BECAUSE I AM SENSITIVE.

    And also because they'd be really, really lame.