Friday, October 26, 2012

Seriously, TGIF

Hey everyone!

First and foremost, I have NEVER been so happy to say


This week was torture for me. 
Not only did I have 2 midterms and 1 regular test but I am beyond exhausted and woke up an hour and a half late yesterday, which in turn made me get to work equally late. #commuterproblems (Yes, that is a hashtag in my post. I caved, what of it?) 

Last night I made some BFF time and went out for a few beers. We've been slacking in our BFF duties. I'm so busy with school and trying to stay awake and he's got work and his bartending job. Our schedules are just clashing lately. It was nice to just pull up a seat, have a cold one and reconnect. 

It's pre-Halloween weekend, what are you all dressing up as? Two years ago, this was me: 

Robyn da hood near you!

 So if you're planning to go out - HAVE FUN!

I on the other hand will be doing a lot of this:


  1. Well I think you've easily deserved it :) You've also deserved some down time with your BFF.

  2. Glad your week is over! Now we just have to worry about the awful storm coming next week. AHHHH.

  3. I hope this new week treats you better! Which might not happen if you're in the way of that storm. So don't get washed away.

  4. Aside from my recent post about being powerless for almost a week, I survived.

  5. I love hashtags in posts! They should be mandatory. I use hashtags in conversations. Hashtag awkward comment alert. See? They work for everything!