Monday, November 12, 2012

Banana Rama

Happy Monday peeps!

Ok, maybe not happy, but it's here so let's all post on our smiles, yes? It's time to link up for the Weekend Update.

It was a low-key weekend. Friday night I went out with the W to Panchos and had some delicious chicken enchiladas. And the margaritas? More please!

This was W's mom's drink. Like a champ she drank the entire thing!
And she shared! Sooo good!
Sadly, I've been lax on my tequila abuse drinking and my two did me in. It was a night full of laughs and good food and drinks.

Saturday found me being a productive busy bee. I bought my goodies for my the Secret Santa Swap I'm participating in.  I stalked browsed her blog and tried to get things I thought would fit her. I hope she likes it! I can't until we all post about what we received. A great idea from Kelly at Messy Dirty Hair

We've finished The Iliad in my Troy and the Trojan War class so now we have to watch Troy and write a comparison paper. I've seen the movie before but you don't have to ask me twice to watch a movie starring sexy Brad Pitt as Achilles. Oh to play the role of Perseus... (fyi, she's the girl he falls for)

Later on I painted my nails. I'm now officially obsessed with Essie. Great... The colors are just soo pretty. And the names are fun too. I usually do my nails myself since it's just easier. What do you guys think of this color? It's called "Damsel in a Dress".

Lately I seem to be on a baking binge. Ok, it only started last weekend, but who's keeping track? I was going to make apple pie this weekend but I just didn't feel up to all the peeling and coring. Seriously, apple pie is work! So instead I used what was already in the house. 

Sunday was brunch and football. Gotta love #SundayFunday

So.... that was my weekend. What were all you crazy kids up to?


  1. I do love the colour on your nails, it looks lovely. As for Troy, as much as I do like that period of history (the Greeks and what not were just downright awesome) I didn't enjoy that movie much. It was way too long for me, and there were about four points I thought to myself "This is finally over!". 

  2. My sister is into Essie too -she got me this hot pink color I like (because I like obnoxious toenails)

  3. Your nails are gorgeous!! Mine are  unbearably ragged. I need to take better care of them. I'm not a biter, but I am a Breaks-a-Nail-Just-By-Looking-At-It-er.

    This weekend I bagged leaves and stacked firewood. I know. I can barely take the excitement myself.

  4. A Beer For The ShowerNovember 12, 2012 at 9:06 AM

    That's a great color. Looks wonderful on you. Also, as Mark said, I thought Troy was just okay... then again, I didn't watch it for Brad Pitt. Maybe eye candy helps a movie like that.

  5. ZOMG! That drink look delish! My friend had one posted on her facebook page and I need to find out where I can get one in Atlanta. Like, ASAP! Happy Monday! 

    Kay @

  6. Loving that essie color!

    I found you via the Weekend Update linkup!  Just wanted to let you know that I'm doing a
    Heylee B. Boutique Giveaway!  I thought
    you might be interested.




  7. beautiful nail color! and I had some margaritas on Friday too. it was just a perfect day for them :)

  8. One can never have enough banana bread! While I love Brad Pitt (well, when he shaves, anyway), I wasn't crazy about Troy.

  9. I envy you for having the time to paint your nails. I just can't seem to have that luxury right now. :( 

    Great choice of color :)

    K ♥

  10. Darling blog girlie! I love that nail color and that banana bread looks SO GOOD.

  11. Sometimes it's hard for me to find the time too! Gotta remember to take me-time though.

  12. Thanks! It was a gorgeous weekend wasn't it?

  13. Hooray for obnoxious colors! I save those for my feet too!

  14. But! You spent actual time outside. jelly!

  15. Hooray for obnoxious colors! I save those for my feet too.

  16. Thank you! Actually, after reading The Iliad the movie definitely lost a LOT of credibility with me. Still, I won't turn down a naked Brad Pitt. 

  17. Yay! I can't wait for the Christmas Swap!