Friday, November 2, 2012

Cabin Fever

Guys, this past week has been hell. I've been without power since Monday evening. Every gas station for miles either has no power, or has power but has since sold out of gas. There's 1/4 of a tank in my car. 

They're saying that my town should have its power back on Monday. 
I've also heard Thursday. 
Can we just let that marinate for a moment? 
A week. With no power?
I'm over the no cable aspect.
No power means no heat. No hot water. Shower - what's that?
 I don't know about you, but I'm not going to work when I've only been able to shower twice in a week.  

Today I wasted gas made the drive to MSU since they have power and internet. 
Hence my ability to grace you all with my presence. 

I've been somewhat productive. You know, drafting posts, drafting papers, cleaning, baking, cleaning up after kiddies kitties. I feel like a regular SAHM. 

So yes, needless to say cabin fever has set in. 
Fortunately it's not prom season.


  1. Well what's most important is that you're safe. I hope your power and water aren't cut off for too long. 

  2. Just Keepin' It Real FolksNovember 2, 2012 at 1:08 PM

    I've been watching the devastation on the news and it is just awful. So glad to hear you are safe.

  3. So glad you're ok!  Sorry you're going thru such hell.  Wish there was something I could do to get power to you!!

  4. Wow,that's a tough situation baby cakes! I'm glad you found a way connect for a few minutes. I am glad you are safe. Anything that we can do to help?? You can come stay with me if you need invite! 

  5. I'm very sorry my dear! I have been through MANY terrible hurricanes and the power outages. They just plain suck. Well, if you are still interested/capable of doing the Christmas swap, email me with your address, because I need both your email and address. At least it would give you something to look forward too!

  6. Thank god I know your power's back on now, so I can go back to making snarky remarks! Because I have a (serious) question: how did you bake without power? Can you bake with gas ovens? I have an electric, so if my power went out for a week I'd be screwed. Well, not really. You know  how everyone else was like stocking up on bottled water and shit? We went out to by charcoal. So we could grill. In the hurricane. Like lunatics. If the power went out for an extended period of time, we'd have to grill EVERYTHING in our deep freezer. There's, like, eight chickens in there. Whole chickens. PLUS a mammoth 10-lb. pork roast. Plus like 50 lbs. of other assorted meat cuts. I'm pretty sure some tiny part of Derrick was hoping the power actually WOULD go out so he could break out the camping gear and roast meat in the fireplace, Game of Thrones style. 

    But thank god our power didn't go out. Because everything in this godforsaken 1950's house is electric.

    Anyway, the question I REALLY wanted to ask you: WHAT DID YOU BAKE?