Wednesday, November 21, 2012

Gobble, Gobble

Well peeps, it's the end of the line for this girl.

Today is Wednesday Friday and I am super excited.

Not only was it a short week (yay!) but Thanksgiving is tomorrow. Are y'all ready to stuff your faces? I know I am. Bring on the cranberry! And the smashed taters. And the corn. Those are my 3 favorite parts to Thanksgiving dinner. I'm on "pie duty" for the first time this year. Challenge accepted! This is what happens when I show my mom that I successfully made pumpkin pie. Good thing she doesn't know I can successfully cook the entire Thanksgiving meal. (Also good thing she doesn't read my blog!)

In other weird or TMI news, I went to the dentist last night for a cleaning. Best.Feeling.Ever. My theory is that my teeth will never be as clean as they are then when I walk out of the office. I mean they've been scraped, brushed, polished and buffed and they are looking mint. (see what I did there) They feel awesome. Am I the only one who loves having my teeth cleaned?  

Today would have been an awesome day off of traveling except that my Anthropology teacher has a test scheduled tonight. I e-mailed him last week about taking it Monday or Tuesday and he responded saying that if he allowed the exception for me he'd have to do the same for others. Ok, although I understand his POV what's the problem with letting me sit in on another class that is also taking the test?

In any event, after my test, I'll be making the 3 hour trek to my parents' house for the long weekend. I can't wait to hang out with my niece. 

So friends, until we meet again, stuff your faces, remember what you're thankful for, appreciate the small things in life and enjoy your long weekends!


  1. WOOHOO SHORT WEEK! I love short weeks.

  2. Happy Thanksgiving!!! Let us know all about how your pie went. My mom's coming up, so I'm making everything else and putting HER on pie duty. But there's only going to be 3.5 of us this year (my mom, brother, and me, plus Derrick when he gets home from call), so this is going to be one of the least stressful Thanksgivings ever. I expect we'll just build a fire, put on some records, and spend the whole day cooking and talking.

    Enjoy your long weekend at home!

  3. Have a good thanksgiving Michael and have fun with the nieces. I haven't been to the dentist in ages, so I can't really comment on that one.

  4. I love short weeks. I only worked two days and that was plenty! I'm glad my mom is still around so she does the turkey and a pile of other things. I'm doing spicy corn and sweet potato casserole, totally remedial but I'm not complaining since I have to drive 2+ hours to get there and everyone else is around the corner. Have the loveliest of holidays with your loves! 

  5. I hate actually having my teeth cleaned, but the feeling afterwards is amazing.  It makes me not want to eat for a while haha, because I don't want to ruin it! Hope you had a nice Thanksgiving!

  6. Teachers can be sooo annoying. That is so lame. I love going to the dentist, because like you, I love that clean feeling ;)

  7. Fun fact: I actually stuffed my face so hard I probably need a good teeth cleaning. I'm still finding turkey in there.