Wednesday, November 14, 2012


We're trying something new today... 

Something never been done at CTAM... 

We're exploring color.. and style. But mainly color.

Since fall has come to an end and the drab gray of winter is upon us (37 degrees in NYC today) I thought today would be a good idea to go over all the colors of the rainbow.
You know, to brighten up the day.

Here are a few of my favorite things according to ROYGBIV.

Siren Red
There's just something about red isn't there? It screams confidence and demands attention. 

Oddly Orange
I see orange and I think fresh. It's one of those colors that looks amazing on darker complexions which is a plus for me. 

Mellow Yellow
Yellow is one of my favorite colors. To me, it's the color of happiness and warm summer days. I recently bought a bright mustard colored sweater and it's pretty much my new fave.

Green With Envy
Green is one of those colors that looks great on anyone. It's a rich color that, I think, looks more sophisticated the deeper you go. Plus, it's THE color for St. Patrick's Day - can't go wrong there!

Basically Blue
Blue is another fresh color that looks great on everyone. whether navy or light, it goes with everything. And how else would we achieve that classic nautical look?

Interesting Indigo
I can't lie. Indigo was kind of hard but I think I did alright. It's in the blue family, but so dark it could pass for black. I like to think of it as "in case of emergency black".

Purely Purple
Purple is another favorite of mine and I wear it regularly. It's definitely a "glam" color to me. I just love jewel tones. 


Are you ready for winter? What's your favorite color to wear or have around the house to brighten up the winter months?


  1. Well I mostly wear black to depress the bright tones of summer. When winter comes around, I feel right at home. I think if I had some purple though I would consider wearing it. 


  3. I miss my red jeans!  They're like 4 sizes too big now.  Also, I want that purple chair.  SUMPTUOUS!!!

  4. I love jewel tones too, and I am DEFINITELY ready for winter. Well, more like I'm ready for Christmas ;)

  5. I just discovered that orange goes well with my pale Irish ass. (And face...y'know...)

    ((Also I'm catching up on everything, and I did get your email and your shirt should be there soon, darlin'. =)  Slow Kat was slow in the mailing. FAIL.)

  6. Orange is awesome! As long as the ass looks good. And the face..

    No worries, I just wanted to make sure it wasn't lost in the mail or something. You know, glorious USPS and all.

  7. True. Although I want some snow I'm more ready for the holiday decor.

  8. I need red jeans. I love that chair. I would sit it in all the time and hold court over my royal subjects (read: cats)

  9. What?!  No blues or greens? What aboutg gray?