Friday, November 9, 2012

You've Got Mail

Can you guys believe the first week of November is over already? Are you ready for Christmas to be shoved down your throat? Yeah, me either. But like it or not, it's here. On Sunday while watching the Giants game I saw two separateholiday  commercials for Mercedes . Don't get me wrong, Christmas is my favorite  holiday. Like, Buddy the Elf favorite. But it's too soon. Talk to me on Black Friday.  

I intend to milk November for everything its got. To start on the right foot, I wrote a few letters.

Dear November,
Welcome back. I must say I appreciate your 40 degree temperament. It makes my want need for more boots valid. Which means I'll also need boot socks, thank you. No one wants cold toes. Your scent is intoxicating. The sweetness of crisp leaves, the smoke from wood-burning stoves, and the hint of snow in the air. You wear it well. We've got a few celebrations later, oh and the craziness of holiday shopping. I'm not sure if I'm ready but we'll get through it. 

Dear Bank Account,
Let's fatten you up shall we? Now is not the time to feel timid about your looks. I promise, you look sexier when you've got some cushion.

Dear School,
I'm soooo over you. Please just hurry up and make your way to finals week. Then don't speak to me until January.

Dear Boyfriend,
Thank you for being the rock to my never ending maelstroms of my life. I truly appreciate it. Even when I'm annoyed with you for trying to calm me down while in the height of in rage mode and I give you death stares, know that deep down, it's love. 

Dear People,
How else can I say this... RELAX! In the past 2 weeks I have heard about and seen some of the most rude and unfriendly actions. I'm not naive enough to expect us to all just "get along" but why must you overreact at every minute detail? Why are you yelling at the woman who is the only one giving the bus driver directions on how to get us back on route because of a 2 hour delay and detour? She stepped up. Maybe you should be a little more grateful.

Dear Chevelle,
In one week you'll be 7 month old. Time is passing so quickly but I still can't wait for you to grow up and start walking and talking. I can't wait to feed you "pasketties" (that's spaghetti if you were wondering) and go to the park.  You're already the most adorable little girl and I'm so excited to watch you grow up.



  1. Ah, cute idea! I would like to send your bank account letter to my account as well....

  2. I LOVED this. I love all your letters. Favorites: November (You wear it well) and Bank Account (Let's fatten you up, shall we?)

    What are boot socks? Should I know about this? And what are boot liners? Shut up, I just bought my first pair of—flat liners? What are those called? Those things that just barely cover your feet? Like thongs for feet? Yeah. I just bought those. AND GUESS WHAT. I found some that actually stay on my heel! I KNOW! I'M GROWING UP SO FAST!

  3. Your letters are sweet. Words well said! And any excuse to indulge in boot season, yes please! 

  4. Well if she's seven months then it shouldn't be too much longer until you can feed her spaghetti. It'll be a fine mushy paste, but it still counts. You really love November and I really was under the impression that in America Black Friday signaled the start of the Christmas season. It does seem pretty early. 

  5. I love Christmas too, but it's definitely a little too early! Once Thanksgiving hits, then we can start with the holiday stuff. Until then, I'd like to enjoy fall! lol

  6. I'm so glad November is here too! though it's still above 70 degrees... so we're just pretending it's fall. have a great weekend!

    xoxo, AmyI'm hosting my 1000th post party, love for you to come!

  7. Kristen @ KV's ConfessionsNovember 11, 2012 at 6:21 PM

    I love this link up! This is the best part: "Even when I'm annoyed with you for trying to calm me down while in the height of in rage mode and I give you death stares, know that deep down, it's love."

  8. I totally knew what pasketties was. =)