Wednesday, December 26, 2012

Christmas Is Toast

Happy...humpday guys and dolls! Christmas came and went in a tizzy and although it went as well as could be expected, I'm glad it's over. Unfortunately I'm back at work today although almost no one else is here so it's insanely quiet.

I got great loot from my parents. A TV, clothes, Disney movies, popcorn maker and kit and $100 worth of gift cards to some of my favorite stores. I had a great weekend spending time with my niece and taking pictures of her. We even had a bit of a white Christmas. I'd like to think that was my sister's present to her daughter. Snow for her first Christmas.

Last night when I got home Boyfriend came over so we could exchange gifts. I was mad because his gift was supposed to arrive at my parents' house by 8pm Christmas Eve. I had ordered it from Amazon and was given one-day shipping. When I checked the tracking info (at 12:30 am Christmas day) it told me that as of Saturday it was in Hebron, KY at 6:05 pm. I was pissed! I contacted Amazon and they "contacted the carrier" and I was informed that the package had been lost in transit. I went from pissed to gorilla rage in about 5 seconds. Long story short, it's supposed to be delivered to my office today. We'll see how that goes...

So back to exchanging....

Boyfriend opens his stuff and all is successful. I open my gift....

...and I couldn't even fake a smile or utter a full-of-bullshit 'thanks'.

What did he get me that was that bad??

Yea... To say I was pissed/annoyed/upset/let down is an understatement. His reason for buying it? "It's something you needed". Oh, I did? Hmm, I thought that the working toaster oven I already own, you know, worked perfectly fine.

Don't get me wrong. I understand the whole thought that counts deal. And I agree. But on what planet, in who's right mind is this something that he thought I would like/want??

Like I said, I couldn't even fake excitement or anything other than disappointment. I asked for one thing, a $50 gym membership. I didn't even hint. I blatantly told him that this is what I want and if not I'd be mad. Instead he gets me the complete opposite. Something to make food. As if I need to gain another 5 pounds. It will be getting returned as soon as he "finds the receipt". Really??


So how did your Christmas turn out? Did you get good stuff or will you also be standing in the return lines?


  1. AWWW. This whole post made me feel bad for Boyfriend. Can't say how I would've reacted, but I kind of want to give him a pat on the back and say, "nice try."


  2. Just Keepin' It Real FolksDecember 26, 2012 at 1:23 PM

    I'm sorry to laugh but a toaster oven??? WTH???? My husband is the absolute worst gift giver ever. Years ago I started writing out my gift list with stores names and catalogue page numbers. It saves the disappointment.

  3. I don't think I've ever heard of anyone getting a toaster oven. I really haven't O_o I suppose that his gift being late is what he gets for giving you that, heh. 

  4. omg I know this isn't supposed to be funny but what on Earth would make him buy a toaster, of all things. On the bright side you can take it back for a refund. 

  5. Aww sorry the Boyfriend messed up...least it wasnt a scale?

  6. lol oh no!!!  Boys really don't get it sometimes... I guess it's sweet he was trying to be practical??? ;)


  7. My Christmas turned out great because I just bought my own present. And the wife bought hers. Everybody's happy.

    If there's one thing I learned as a man, it's that you never get a woman something she "needs" for Christmas. No matter how much she truly needs it, it's not really a gift. It's just an excuse to get her something she was going to buy anyway.

    Oh, and I replied to your comment on our blog. You wanted an explanation, you got it... :)

  8. I'm sorry but I'm LMAO right now!  Not at your expense, I totally get your disappointment.  But this is like one of those things you read and say there's no way that could ever happend.  But it did.  It really did.  Oh my...  I just don't know what else to say.  SMH. 

  9. Right? That was my exact thought as well.

  10. I'm SURE you haven't. Umm, because most people wouldn't do it. Side note, he loved his gift. 

  11. Laugh it up. Internally part of me is. That's a good idea. I'll be doing that in the future now!

  12. I know. I kind of feel bad for him but then I think about it and all I can say is really???

  13. That's the way to do it! The insane thing is I truly only asked for one thing - the 1 month dues to the gym I want to join. 

  14. You would think after blatantly telling him, he would get it! Sorry it was a big disappointment. Once he "finds the receipt" you should use the money for the gym membership! Or North face :)

  15. NO WAY!!! I would have been so pissed!! At least you can laugh about it, though, right?