Monday, December 17, 2012

Dance Til It Hurts

Hello crazies!

How was everyone's weekend??

I for one was the epitome of lazy. Ok, only on Sunday. My weekend wasn't thrilling by any means. I spent the majority of it in pain.

As you know my company holiday party was Friday night. Let me tell you I danced the night away! I mean literally I was at it all night. I kept it as tasteful as possible, at least until the after party and then I wasn't as worried. I called it at night at around 2:30am and my awesome boyfriend picked me up in the city so I had zero worried about getting home.

I didn't win any prizes this year but I did have an awesome time with my coworkers. Some pictures from the night...

The pain came sharply on Saturday morning. My legs were so sore. Sadly, I hadn't been out dancing in well over a year. As in, I can't tell you the last time I went dancing. My former BFF and I used to go every Saturday but with the falling of our friendship, so went the dance parties. Clearly I need to go out more often or start working out. I can't have legs this sore the following day.

As for Saturday I helped a friend purchase and move a bed into her new apartment. Usually this type of thing would be stressful chock-full with mishaps. When I say it was executed flawlessly, I mean flawless. There was not one snag throughout the whole process. It was handled, as Rick Ross says,

Sunday. Oh Sunday. It was probably the best day of the weekend aside from Friday night. I lounged around in my underwear all. damn. day. And it was glorious! I watched slept through the Giants getting shut out. and you know what? I'm glad. They scored not one point. Not even a field goal. I don't know what was going on today but it better get fixed. I'd like to make it to the playoffs, thank you. 

I also had my first pomegranate. Have you ever had a fresh one of these bad boys? I'm still on the fence I think. I mean, I love the flavor and the juice but the fruit itself is... different. At first glance of a picture I thought the seeds were wet, like the flesh of a kiwi. Instead, they're sort of like popcorn kernels. But they're so full of juice, those little arils. I may buy another, it's takes a bit of time to get those little jewels. 

I felt homey on Sunday night so I made pork chops and with veggies and quinoa. Guys, I really love quinoa. How weird is that? It's so, so delicious. Plain quinoa tastes like plain rice. But you can literally flavor it in any way. I sprinkled mine with salt, pepper, garlic and lemon. Scrumptious!


I would like to remind, or invite, you all to take part in the Blogger Day of Silence for the families and survivors of the Sandy Hook tragedy. If you haven't seen the posts going around, please go HERE to read what this is about and to make a donation to Newtown families. 


  1. It sounds like a pretty pleasant weekend. Other than the pain of course. Good job on holding off total and utter embarrassment at the party too. I think that you can just go dancing a lot and that can count as a pretty good work out. So, yeah, dance, dance, dance, the night away.

  2. I just had my first pomegranate about a week ago, and they've grown on me. Maybe it's because I have to work so hard to enjoy them, but I like them. Very tasty. Still haven't tried quinoa, though.

  3. You had never had a pomegranate?! haha They are okay, I usually like them IN something, alone it is a tad tart :)

  4. Today was the best kind of Monday...the kind of Monday where I'm on holidays.  Is it weird for me to say that you're really, really beautiful?  Hope your over-danced muscles feel better soon!

    By the way, I accidentally deleted your comment on my last blog post.  Nothing personal...just a glitch.  Not that I expect that you'd ever notice, but just in case you did notice, I didn't want you to think that I deleted it on purpose.

    Happy Monday!

  5. It's not weird and thank you very much for the compliment!  I'm glitching too. All my comment notifications are coming from my own e-mail address. THAT'S weird.

  6. Thanks!! I was skeptical the 1st time I wore but I got so many compliments so I decided to wear it to the party!

  7. Nope! I think I'd prefer them in something too. Still good though. 

  8. I think that's why I like them too. I have to want it. Quinoa is delicious, to me. Just a grain. 

  9. It was. Yea, I always make sure to not go over the line. It's just not worth it!

  10. I love your top! I love the collar look that is so popular these days. It looks like y'all definitely had a good time, and I would be sore too!

  11. so quinoa. can we talk quinoa? because, like, I WANT to like quinoa. I want us to be besties, like all the cool foodies. but I bought quinoa once. A big box of red quinoa. And derrick's awesome sister cooked it first. she's a health nut-gym rat. and it health food. it tasted like health food. as in: "I am eating this because it is healthy, not because I like it or because it tastes good." and my friend, I like healthy food. I eat veggies like it's no one's business. I like kale. I like salads. I like creamless veggie soups and I'm even hopping on board the whole grain train. But this quinoa? man, I had to slather it in butter just to eat it. BUTTER! It was dry and it stuck to my throat. does your quinoa do this? I'm wondering if it's just the red kind? I've had toasted (yellow) quinoa at work and I loved that, so I don't know if the scratchy seedlike (well, hell, it IS a seed) texture is just how I was cooking it or what. but I'm kind of scared of quinoa now. so. share your quinoa secrets, por favor!

  12. also: pomegranates. one of the bloggers I worship is all about those little pomegranate arils, but I never buy pomegranates. I know they're good. it's just not on my List. You know the List. List of Things I Think of Buying at the Grocery Store. List of Things I Can Reasonably Cook With. So will 2013 be the year of the pomegranate? HERE'S HOPING.