Friday, December 14, 2012

Gifts Galore

UPDATE: The Secret Santa Swap post has been rescheduled for Dec. 20th to allow for extra shipping time since apparently the USPS can't handle that much awesome. Today is still full of goodies. Granted I received all these fun things last week, goodies are goodies!

First off, again let me just say how much I truly love Bath & Body Works. Sometimes I'm feeling cheap and don't want to spend $15 on hand soap or $20 for wax. But I bite the bullet every now and then, hoard my member coupons and then use them like the savvy shopper I am.

You've heard or seen me mention my Black Friday steal before so I won't post the photo BUT for getting all those goodies and tweeting it to @LUVBBW I also scored a free gift from them! How awesome is that? I figured they'd send me coupons, or maybe a mini lotion or something. I was wrong. Instead, I got this!

And a personalized note?! Oh, BBW, let's always be BFFs.
I haven't bought this one before so I was excited to burn it. I finally lit it last night and I can tell you it does smell as good as it sounds.

On top of that pepperminty goodness I got my December Glam Bag in the mail. Do you participate? If not, consider it. It's a nice $10/month pick-me-up and you get 2 full-size and 3 sample sized items all in a cute little cosmetic bag.

This month's theme was "Haute Holiday".

On first glance I was really excited about the Bombshell lip gloss  I've been wanting to try a red lipstick and then this came. However, it seems to be more fire engine red than what I have in mind. It's also very sheer and I needed several coats just to achieve this look. I like it, I think, but I know I won't wear it very often. 

Excuse my duck face. The lighting wasn't great. 

The lighting wasn't great, but you get the idea.
I don't love the lip gloss but I think if I find the right shade of red lipstick I'd love it. I want something darker. Ox blood if you will. Merlot, Bordeaux, deep burgundy. 

I loved the NYX eye-shadow even before using it. It's a very iridescent pink but it's a good highlight color for the brow bone. My only issue, and maybe because it's a sample, was that its a very, very loose powder.
Epiphany... my makeup always looks the same.
Is this good or bad??
I've always heard good things about Urban Decay products and I will say that people are right! The eyeliner is amazing! Usually my eyeliner, whether it's M.A.C. or Ulta or Maybelline, starts to run after a few hours. This stuff stayed put! Plus it went on incredibly smooth. I haven't tried the Urban Decay bonus sample yet. It's something brand new and hits shelves January 8th. As for the Mirabella primer, I loved it! I will absolutely consider buying it in the future. I've never used a primer so I really liked that it was a gel (easy application) and finished powder smooth.

The highlighting sheets I'm not a fan of. I didn't see any real shimmer. I'll stick with my bronzer. Maybe I'll use them on the arms or chest though?


Tonight is my company's holiday party. I've been anxiously waiting 2 weeks for this. You can't go wrong with free food and an open bar! They also give away really awesome prizes like $50+ gift cards to Amazon and other places as well as domestic plane tickets. Obviously I'm really hoping to be lucky enough to win those. It's always such a fun time that there's even an "unofficial" after party. My goal is to go this year. Boyfriend is already tasked with picking me up afterward. I'm sure I'll be lit up like the Empire State Building. And you know what? I can't wait. 

Have a great weekend everyone!


  1. You say you can't go wrong with the food and the open bar but many a tale of office parties gone wrong will disagree with you. But yay for such awesome stuff :D Have a good time at the party and try not to get fired/groped.

  2. I actually mix a red lipstick and a lighter color to give me the color I want and tone down the red.

  3. I LOVE THAT LIP GLOSS! I wish I could pull off red lip gloss. I just end up looking like a swollen-lipped clown.