Wednesday, December 19, 2012

Me, Myself & I: v2

This is my second link up with the ladies of Me Myself & I.

Call me vain but I really enjoy answering and reading the responses to random, short answer questions.
It's a peek into that person.
Are you guys ready this month's questions? I  know I am!

What was your favorite gift given to you as a child?

I really can't answer this. There isn't anything that sticks out about all the rest. I remember getting a chemistry set one year. I'm pretty sure I accidental make ammonia. At least that's what it smelled like.

Christmas is almost here, what is that one Christmas song you could listen to on repeat?

I'm a huge fan of Michael Buble's Christmas CD thanks to Messy.Dirty.Hair. 
Seriously, it's amazing the way he sings these tunes.
I prefer the classics like Bing Crosby, Burl Ives, Elvis, Nat King Cole, etc. 
And pretty much anything by the Trans-Siberian Orchestra. 

What are a few of the items on your Christmas wishlist this year?

Only a few? True, I suppose you don't have all day.
Gym membership
Gift cards to DSW, Target, TJ Maxx, Amazon
North Face Denali Fleece

Do you and your family have any special holiday traditions? Explain.

On Christmas Eve we all go to my step-dad's parents house.
It's not really a tradition but it's the only thing we do every year.

Which do you prefer: wrapping paper or gift bags? Why?

Ok, this one's a no-brainer. I love wrapping presents. I'm one of those perfectionist geeks when it comes to wrapping. It must be perfect. Complete with ribbons and bows, and a pretty name tag of course.


  1. I need to get that CD - I love him and LOVE Christmas music :)


  2. I tried to wrap Christmas presents this year. Needless to say, it didn't go too well. So I had Amazon wrap a present for me. Now that was a good job. 

  3. Love the classics of Christmas too! Movies, music, books...It's all best.

  4. I really believe you can never go wrong with a Target gift card :p I really need to teach myself to wrap presents better, I'm not very good at it!

  5. Oh I LOVE the Buble Christmas album, his voice is pure magic! :) Nice to meet you from the link up!


  6. Aww! Keep trying! Although Amazon is a great choice!

  7. Oh, I had a chemistry set as a kid, too!  I forgot about that. 

    But I really, really don't like wrapping presents.  I think it's also because I am a perfectionist.  The first couple are fun, but then I'm just exhausted from my own self!

  8. Woop! Thanks for linking up with us again :) I also love Michael Buble - he's amazing!!!

  9. I love wrapping presents tooooooo! One Saturday this Christmas I spent the entire day wrapping presents. 24 HOURS. It was insane and I wanted to cut myself with a jagged edge of fruitcake past. But I survived. SOMEHOW.