Monday, December 10, 2012

Tootsies, Birthdays and Baking

Hello crazies!

We're back to Monday again (le sigh) so you know it's time to link up with Sami's Shenanigans for the Weekend Update!

Friday night I came home from work looking forward to doing nothing but putting on PJs and watching all the stuff on my DVR, doing some blog work and just getting my home life reorganized after the week.
I have to say, my Friday night was very successful.

Hot peppermint pants, no?
Thanks for the photo bomb Oreo...
Saturday afternoon I gave myself a pedicure. This is one of my favorite summer colors. 
I realize winter is here but I need color in my life, and this just reminds me of summer.

Annnd, for my birthday my BFF Chris got me this delicious morsel. You bet your ass I wore it during yesterday's game. 

Oh I'm down with JPP
Boyfriend was the birthday boy on Sunday.

 We don't really make a big deal out of birthday's and money's been tight but I wanted to do something for him. I couldn't begin to tell you why but this boy loves Houlihan's, but he does. He was pretty surprised to see some of our mutual friends and I was happy to see the smile on his face. It was a good night.

As for Sunday, I watched football, movies, picked up the house and wrote procrastinated on writing my paper for school. I'm officially done this week and I truly cannot wait. I think I was wholly unprepared for this semester. There was just a lot going on. However, I did create this...

I unfortunately didn't get to see the Marquez/Pacquiao fight but I saw the K.O. 
All I'm saying is w..t..f.

See you Wednesday!


  1. Houlihans is DELICIOUS. I like the veggie hummus sandwich they have at the one by me.

  2. Yay for awesome stuff :D  Happy birthday to the boyfriend too :)

  3. Are those ants tattooed on your foot?!?! 

  4. Loving your peppermint pants and cute toes! 

  5. That weekend update button looks like my header haha! I love nights with my DVR! Haha! That cake looks so good!!!!

  6. OMG the KO was amazing haha there were so any memes and jokes on social media today... quite enjoyed it :)

    JPP is the best!! I kinda heart Bennett but JPP is also my boy :p

  7. I had the spinach dip and I have to say it was pretty good. I think it's just their menu that bothers me. 

  8. Your cake looks great! Sounds like a fun, relaxing weekend! Good luck on finals/papers!

  9. Those pajamas are giving me some strong emotions and those emotions go something like "DEAR GOD I WANT TO CUDDLE THEM." My own pair. Not your pair. That would be weird.

  10. Love the color of your pedicure! 

  11. The worst part of the fight was when he didn't get up. At that moment I didn't care about the loss. I just wanted to see him get up. So scary!

  12. Now I like you even more because you are a Giants fan!