January 28, 2013

We Want Your... Organs?

Last weekend I was home visiting my parents niece. As always, it was a fun and exhausting weekend. Who knew a 9 month old could wear me out so much? Moms everywhere are saying 'You have no idea!'

If you happened to see it on Twitter last week, my mom saw my blog. I'm not anonymous, but I also don't outwardly share my blog with people IRL. Yes, the link is on my personal Facebook page, my Instagram account, and Twitter but I don't send them links to read it. Only 3 of my BFF's know about it. And they don't read regularly (clearly I need new friends).

As I was saying, my mom read my #MiniMessyProject post, and she said I did a great job. While I was there I was doing some blog stuff and showed her the before/after design done by KV's Confessions. She then proceeded to go post by post all the way back to May. She skimmed and she read. She cried and she laughed. Before she started reading she had asked why I blog. (She also asked what 'blog' means? Anyone? I have no idea. I just do it.) Isn't that the question all of us bloggers get? 'but why do you do it?'  After reading some of the posts, I think she understands now. And if not, that's ok too. It was just nice to have her read it. To see things I said about her knowing she'd never see them.

Also? She informed me that "I laugh all day at work but you're the only person who makes me laugh so hard I pee my pants". That people, is called WINNING! (who woulda thunk it that I'd get to use the pee pants tag again!)


Over the weekend we were joking around about how I disagree with Boyfriend's refusal to be an organ donor. It bugs me. Let's be honest, you'll be deceased. Do you need your organs? If you said no that's correct! She sent him a text (at my prompting) telling him he needed to be a donor and that he was selfish for refusing to do so. While out running errands with my mom Boyfriend and I were texting and the convo went like this:
(I would have posted a screen shot but while my niece was playing with my phone she deleted the thread.)
M: Mom says when you're ready to part with your liver we can talk.
B: What's that mean?
M: She says it's clear you've already parted with your brain.
B: Wowwww. Not donating organs unless my wife needs them, they're mine.
M: Selfish
B: Not at all selfish
M: I do need them. I need them to be donated.
B: haha why do you need them. My eyes and lungs suck
M: I need them donated to others. Liver, heart, kidneys, spleen, pancreas, muscle, bone marrow, tissue...
B: Maybe

At this exact moment my mom and I were in Sears returning something. She made a comment that "if one day he finds himself in a bathtub full of ice he shouldn't worry because 911 is on speed dial". The look on the clerk's face was PRICELESS. His eyes widened and he genuinely took a step back. We tried to explain that we were arguing with my boyfriend that he needs to be an organ donor. His face didn't change much so I said "we should go.. now".

Of course we found it hysterical, but I can see how someone on the outside of the conversation may want to alert the authorities.

Moral of the story: BE AN ORGAN DONOR!