Wednesday, January 30, 2013

Half a Century Meltdown

We've made it kids, Friday is here! I don't have any special plans this weekend (semi-disappointing) but I do have personal plans. You know, being domestic. With my new found obsession in Pinterest I've created a DIY board of decorating ideas that looked fun to try. Maybe I'll make my own curtains or pillows. I found a lot of cool ideas so I'm sure I'll be spending much of Saturday trolling around Home Depot and Michael's or A.C. Moore. The best part? I don't own a sewing machine. Every time I need to sew I do it by hand. Granted I obviously can't do fancy stitches but it's fun and I take pride in knowing that I made it. Now, if only I could find a how-to for home made paint....

1 more week until GIANT domination! Seriously can't wait. Among other things, Mom turns 50 this year. Since her birthday isn't a big deal to her I'm guessing she's not phased by the half-century mark. She may not be... but I am! I'm having some trouble wrapping my mind around it. Mom is 50!! I mean, I remember when she was in her 30's. Well, because there's a very important game taking place next weekend, and because Mom's birthday is after the game, and because it's what she expressed she wanted around Christmas time.... she'll be opening this is a few days:

You down with JPP?

Daughter of the Year Award? Yea I'll take it. Even if it is only January. I'm the favorite (oldest) and I intend to keep that spot. Besides, my siblings make them crazy.


  1. Hahhaahah an AWESOME gift! Giants BETTER  win with that!

  2. I have no horse in this Super Bowl race so I will say "good luck" and leave it at that. Just remember they are playing in the house that PEYTON built! That is all. 

  3. I don't have a sewing machine either! My little sewing kit and I go to TOWN. Except we don't really go to town on exciting things like curtains or clothes. We do fix dog toys a lot. So. There's that.