Wednesday, January 23, 2013

Legal Ties

Hey dolls!

We're already mid-week and I for one am pretty happy about it. I feel as though  have a million things going on. My to-do list needs a to-do list.

School started last night and I'm determined to have a kick ass semester. I usually do well in school, when I "apply myself", but I want to do better than well. I want straight A's. Here's a look at this semester's lineup:

Mon: Criminal Law & Procedure
Tue: Theoretical Issues in Justice Studies
Wed: Research &Writing and Perspectives in Justice Studies

Titillating right? I'm expecting Monday nights to be good, as well as Tuesdays. Research and Writing, this professor is a hard ass so that just means I need to step my game up. Besides, I took a similar course 2 years ago when I was getting my A.S. so I have a leg up as far as I'm concerned.

Unfortunately, this semester calls for a lot of writing, and because I want straight A's that means that my writing will have to take a break. I still hope to blog 3 days a week but it may be less. Scheduled posts and I are going to become BFF's in the near future.


While I was home last month I was at the mall. While I was waiting for my bro-ham to finish shopping for his girlfriend (young love is so cute) I went to Rue 21 to browse. I immediately went to the jewelry section because, if you haven't heard, I'm kind of really obsessed with statement necklaces. I saw a necklace I loved... and I didn't buy it. I was feeling cheap and didn't want to spend the $13. Plus it was holiday time and I was trying to save since I had already finished shopping. But it was still on my mind...

... all freakin' month! How could I walk away from this necklace?! I went to Rue 21's website and of course you can't shop online. So I called the store by my parents and asked if they could charge-send it to me. Nope. I was told that the guy would "hide it" for me. I was keeping my fingers crossed that it was there. I walked in the store Saturday evening, and there it was! The only one on display.

You guys.... I am now the proud owner of this:

Now if I could only find something to wear it with!

Time's running out! There's only 2 days left to enter my giveaway! Get those entries in. Winner will be drawn on Friday!


  1. That is one pretty cool necklace. Something that flashy goes with anything, so don't worry about what it goes with. with all the writing and school work.

  2. I have a necklace like that too! Aaaand I haven't worn it yet. Haha.

  3. That is going to look so cute with a button down. Good luck with your classes this semester!

  4. Good luck with classes. School comes 1st. We are not going anywhere :)