Monday, February 4, 2013

A Lofty Weekend

Happy Monday loves!

I can't lie - I saw this image and I actually felt bad for the first day of the week!

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I decided to take a personal day on Friday because the week had me drained by Tuesday morning. Yeah... not a good sign. It was nice to take some R & R.

Jen and I both took the day of and ended up at the Newport Mall in Jersey City. One of the only malls in our area I've never been to. (Seriously, although NJ is the "Garden State" it should be renamed the "Mall State". There are 5 malls within 10 miles of me) 

Sheaffer is always praising Loft. She's like their unofficial spokeswoman. I never shop here because I just can't justify spending $50+ on one shirt. I know it's quality, but I could get at least 2 somewhere else. But on Friday, I discovered that sale really does mean sale.

I didn't plan on buying anything, but this pretty blouse jumped out at me. $49.99 with an additional 60% off? Yes please! The blouse would have been enough but who stops looking during a sale? That's when this gorgeous yellow cardigan started whispering sweet nothings to me. You guys, look at that color!!

Sunshine On My Shoulder photo Cardi_zpscc3fd675.jpg

Don't they just go perfectly together?

Next up, Charming Charlie

I freakin' LOVE this store. Between here and Francesca's I'm in trouble! At least CC doesn't have online shopping... yet. (It's coming... I asked)

Green With Envy photo Bag_zpsd2ad3623.jpg

I picked up this bright green satchel for only $9.99! Originally it was $39.97. Complete steal! I can't wait to start using it.

I'm totally loving the mint trend that's going on right now. And with navy?! I die. Navy and mint go together like cupcakes and burgers! I picked this up at Target for only $10. It fits like a dream!

Minty Fresh photo Shirt1_zps0e0a7bed.jpg

And lastly, these items...

 photo Shirts_zps536cab2b.jpg

A white button down, a neutral blazer (which looks way darker in the photo), and a fun sheer orange blouse. Cost? FREE!

Since they merged with Sears, Kmart has picked up their game and the clothing has become much better. Depending on what I'm looking for I'll come here. I have an orange dress that I get compliments on all the it at K-Mart last summer. I had accumulated some 28,000 points on my rewards card, which is basically $28 for me to spend as I wish. I also had a Sears gift card that had a $4.62 balance left on it. Since the items were marked down with an additional 40% off, my total came to $28 and change. So, like I said, free!


And now, I have a predicament. 

 photo Leopard_zpsb7dd2bb2.jpg

I saw these at Payless on Saturday...and I didn't get them. Sure I like them, a lot actually. They're flats, have a bit of a heel so they won't aggravate my ankle, and most important, they're leopard. Sheaffer says everyone should have leopard flats. And she's right. We all need them (even you Mark!)

The thing is, I didn't think I love them. I need a pair that I can wear with everything - naked, pants, jeans, skirts, dresses.

Where o where art thou leopard flats?!
(Hint: This is where you come in)

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What did you do this weekend?

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  1. Ooooohhhh awesome pick ups!!!! I wish I could wear flats but I'm too short. However, I have leopard print booties that are really cool.

  2. Wait. I have leopard flats. dude. Am I actually on trend for once in my life? HOLY CRAP! This is a first. I'm circling it in my calendar.

    I have little leopard ballet flats, but I only wear them with jeans - maybe I should start getting more creative with them? Hmmm...

    I love blazers. If I could just wear nothing but blazers for the rest of my life I'd be in heaven. Blazer on sale? Fits me well? I don't care if it's neon yellow, I'mma buy it.

  3. Navy and mint? Maybe that's what my wardrobe's missing.

    The two of us just drank beer and watched the Super Bowl this weekend, so... essentially the complete opposite of this post. :)

  4. Those are some great steals! I need to go shopping!

  5. I have a pair of leopard Target flats and I wear them with 80% of all my things. I love them.

  6. Hey I'm more than willing to admit even I need leopard print flats. That's a sign of just how much YOU need them. You managed to pick up some pretty nice clothes too. Even I sometimes go for sales and find something nice that I wouldn't have otherwise been able to buy.

  7. I Love that purse! Great shape. I actually have a Loft gift card, but I figured everything in there would be too expensive- looks like you got some awesome steals!

  8. Hi Michael!!!! Thank you sooooo much for the shout out! VERY sweet. And I love everything you go. I actually have a shirt almost identical your navy and mint stripe one (mine was from J Crew Factory), and I love it. The favorite way I've worn it so far was paired up with my mustard skinny jeans! Sounds crazy, but it worked! And NEED leopard flats....but if you don't love that pair, don't get 'em. You will find another pair you love!!!!
    Thanks again for the mention!
    Sheaffer :)

  9. These are really awesome! I like each and every one of these items.

  10. Yes, you have to get leopard flats. It's a rule. Loving the cardigan and blouse you paired!

  11. Love all your finds! And yes,leopard flats! I got mine at Target, and you can wear them with nearly anything. =)

  12. I want leopard flats, but I'm waiting until I find the perfect ones!

  13. Cute purchases! I always find cute stuff at the LOFT and they have great sales. Love those leopard flats :)