Monday, February 18, 2013

A Picture's Worth

Happy Mandatory Day Off! Sometimes known as President's Day. 

Who knows what I'm doing today - probably playing baby games or driving back to a messy house (damn cats)

But the post must go on.

Here's a glimpse at what's been going on lately...

1) Browsing TJM I came across this wall piece and I loved it, But for $60? I could make it for much cheaper. 

2) Remember how I'm kind of an addict about donating blood? Well, it pays! I donated enough times to accumulate 5 points in 2012. Those 5 points equated to a $20 gift card to a place of my choosing! 

3) Rarely do I look up in NYC, but occasionally...

4) Oh you know, just mac n' cheese, salad and a Heine for lunch. 

5) Breakfast of champions. Yeah, it's my niece's food... but these are soo good! She's good about sharing with me. 

6) My impulse buy. For once, no regrets!!

Happy President's Day! See you tomorrow for a special Tuesday post all about me. You know, unlike the rest of the posts... about me. 


  1. TJ Maxx is one of my very favorite stores ever! I live about 3 miles from I kind of go there at least once a week lol :-P

    I love the purse you bought, where is it from? I've been looking for a similar one! Happy Monday! I hope you enjoy your day off :):)

  2. Ooh loving that purse! Same question- where's it from?? That lunch looks delicious! And I am also a lover of The Maxx- which is great since my mom works there part time!

    Have a great day!

  3. I get dizzy just looking up, I wonder how quickly I'd find if I looked up in NYC. Ooh well done on donating so much blood too.

  4. I wish I could donate blood but I'm a huge baby and even thinking about it makes me woozy. It's not the needle, it's the blood. Blehhhhh

  5. love the bag and you could make that sign for much cheaper than 60 bucks.