Thursday, February 14, 2013

Battle of the Sexes

Happy V-Day loves!

And if you're not celebrating (kind of how I don't. Although the boyfriend and I are going to dinner) then happy Thursday!

A week or so ago I noticed a link-up that would be taking place today and wanted to join in. Not because it's V-Day related, but because it looked like fun. It reminds me of The Newlywed Game.

There was a set of questions. I only chose those that would be fun for us as a lot were about weddings or things that would be one-sided. I did mine differently and we each have the same list about eachother. Here's what we had to say! 
According to She and He:

How long have you been together?
18 months
1 year 5 months
(He's right... oops!)

     Where was your first date? 
Ice cream and a walk in Hoboken

      Where was your first kiss? 
In the truck?
My house after watching "Strangeland"
(He's right again... ouch)

      Who first said, "I love you"? 
He did, while falling asleep.
I did
(I wanted to, but I wasn't going to do it)

      What are two of her/his favorite colors? 
Blue and black
Purple and teal

    What is his/her most commonly used phrase? 
"Not for nothing"
"Give it here"

      Who is his/her celebrity crush? 
Anyone blonde? No idea.
Richard Gere, Channing Tatum, Clark Gable
 (He corrected me to say Rihanna, Alicia Keys and Beyonce and I informed him that Clark Gable has been dead for almost 50 years)

     What would he/she say is your most annoying habit? 
Biting my nails and my pants being too low

      What is the last thing he/she does before he goes to bed? 
Asks for a kiss good night
I wouldn't know, she just goes to bed. No warning. I walk in and she's sleeping.
(This is hysterical because it's soo true. )

     If you could throw out one item of his/her clothing what would it be? 
Everything camo 
All her Giants stuff

What is his/her/ favorite meal?

What would you say is your favorite thing about him/her? 
That even when I’m angry he can make me smile
Her ability to make me smile
(Feel free to ooh and ahh!)

When’s the wedding? 
Aug. or Sept. 
Early 2015

What is her blog's name?
(He better know it!)

These aren't the questions a relationship is based on but it's nice to know we're on the same page.

How well do you and your S.O. (or BFF) know each other?? 


  1. Whoa, that wedding question was just cruel. And I just edited a recipe for spiedies the other day! It made me hungry -- looked soooo good.

    I loved this! I also loved how his answers were more accurate than yours..bwahaha!

  2. I'm well aware that Jessica knows me far more than I know her. She sometimes knows me better than I know myself, and of course she knows herself better than I know her.

  3. I'm a new follower so I thought I'd say hi. Very cute post, you and your boyfriend are adorable together!

    xo Ami
    a champagne dream

  4. Haha you guys have different answers but in such a cute/funny way. I definitely giggled ;)