Wednesday, February 27, 2013

Dressing Up

When I was younger you probably couldn't bribe me to wear a dress. I hated them. I felt so much more free and comfortable in pants and shorts. I could climb, sit with my knees up and I didn't have to worry about anything. Somewhere after 24 that changed. My thinking was now, "Dresses are great! They're so much more comfortable in the summer. And my, don't I look cute!"  

Now that I have an assortment of dresses I wear to work or for just lounging around in the summer, I adore them. So when I was contacted by Jane from eShakti about reviewing one of their products I knew I wanted something to add to my dress collection. The first time I heard of this company was from Alison at Get Your Pretty On. What is it you ask? A women's clothing website with complete customization! 

eShakti allows you to completely tailor your items to your body's size so you'll get a perfect fit every time. The pieces are literally made for you! You can tailor the hem length of a skirt, the neckline of a blouse, the chest, waist, and shoulder measurements of a top. You can also decide if you want sleeves or pockets! 

Naturally I immediately jumped to their site and started ooh-ing and ahhing over all the items I could have specifically made for me. 

I was torn between this dress... and this one but ultimately, I went with something a little dual purpose. Not only can I wear this dress out in the summer, but I can also wear it to work. 

I love the print on the skirt. It's fun and colorful and it's not boring.

So how does it fit? Pretty damn well! I went with their standard sizing options because I personally didn't want the hassle of taking all my measurements. 
Read: I'm lazy.

The dress is the perfect length as if hits just above the knee. This was one of the specific customizations I chose. I kept the "stock" cap sleeve and collar because I liked the way they looked.

I loved this pleating along the bust and waistline. It's snug but in a good way. 

My only complaint is that I asked for the pockets to be removed (I hate skirts and dresses with pockets) and when I tried it on, the first think I noticed was that the pockets were still there. However, this is not something that ruined my experience.

If you're interested in eShakti you're in luck! Right now you can get 20% OFF your order by using code CTAM28 from now until March 10th.

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*This is a sponsored review but all opinions are my own*


  1. So cute!!! It fits you well and I love the pattern.

    Take Care,
    Mandy Jean

  2. That dress is pretty cute and being able to customise it like that is pretty sweet. Though I'm not likely to put one on any time soon.

  3. Looks great! I may have to check out that site!

  4. I love their website! Their dresses are beautiful.

    The Hartungs Blog

  5. Very cute dress! It's funny because I love dresses and skirts with pockets! I will have to check them out :)


  6. I used to hate dresses when I was younger, too. Now I love them!

    I'm definitely checking the site out because I'm picky about dresses.

  7. love the dress! I fought my mom tooth & nail when I was a kid to ALWAYS be in dresses so now, I don't wear them as much...

  8. OHMYGOODNESS. I LOVE pockets on a dress. LOVE. It makes a dress for me if it has pockets. :)

  9. I love dresses! this dress looks particularly pretty on you!!

  10. You look super cute in dresses! I was the same way growing up - such a tomboy. Then I hit puberty ;)

  11. I LOVE pockets. I will always buy a dress that has pockets. I like being able to put my hands somewhere and my iphone close. Maybe you will start liking them ;) Super cute on you!

  12. Very cute, but for me the bribe still has to be VERY big!

  13. You look ADORABLE. A-DOR-ABLE.

    And I'm Team Dress all the way. One piece of clothing. Put it over your head. BOOM. You're no longer naked, and you look kinda classy. Name another article of clothing that can do that. You can't. Because onesies aren't classy and rompers make you look 8.