Wednesday, February 13, 2013

Lady in Green

Today I'm taking a page from Erin's blog and writing a sort of ode to mom.

Today is mom's birthday.
Sandwiched between 2 holidays, in one of the crappiest months of the year, back in 19-- (she'd beat me if I told) my mom graced the world with her presence.

Senior Year

Fast forward 22 years and BAM! I have arrived.

That's right. I first rocked a mohawk back in the 80s.

Fast forward another decade or so and I'm a bratty teen whose worst offense was not doing the dishes. Not until after I moved out and away did my mom and I start to get close. I never really longed for one of those idealistic mother-daughter relationships. We never had it so it wasn't something I thought I was missing out on. When you become an adult... things change.

For the longest time, and even now, she fails to see the resemblance between us. Clearly dementia is setting in a little early because I've been able to see it for quite some time.

Speaking of her craziness... one year she was saying something crazy (typical) and I told her that for Christmas I was going to get her a nice white coat with buckles all over it. Mind you this conversation took place in the fall. Christmas day rolls around, everyone has opened their stuff and she asks where her coat is. Of course I have no idea what she's talking about and said so. She then tells me I said I was going to get her a white coat with buckles. Oh mom....

It made it that much better that she actually didn't get the joke until Christmas day.

Or there's the time she was cleaning the grate at the bottom of the refrigerator.
She took it off, cleaned it, read the directions about how to put it back on, "This end up" ...and then proceeded to turn it around and attempt to put it on upside down.

Aside from my award winning sense of humor, there are several other things I get from my mom. Such as my love for plants and elephants, my hatred for white after labor day, and my bad knees (it's genetic, I don't care what she says). What can I say? I get it from my mama!

Happy Birthday!


  1. I must be about the same age as your Mom because I rocked all those same hairstyles. Happy Birthday to your sweet Mama!!!

  2. She is beautiful! Funny that she got the joke so late! Happy birthday to her!

  3. Aww I love this posts! Happy birthday to your momma she seems like one special lady :)

  4. I think that because she didn't get it, it does make it funnier. Although I have to say I didn't get it either. She sounds like a lovely woman though, and I'm glad you two are getting closer as you both get older.

  5. You DO resemble each other, especially in that first picture. My mom is the same way, though, and refuses to acknowledge that we look alike. :)

    Happy Birthday to her!


  6. Aww, you have a pretty mama! And I got a kick out of the white coat with buckles. LOL!

  7. Awwwwwww! All these mommy/daughter pics were so precious! Happy birthday to her!!!

  8. I love this post!! You two are seriously identical!!! I love how mother-daughter relationships bloom as we grow up. My relationship with my mother became so much closer when I moved out of the house - I got my sense of humor from my mother too, she's a nut :)

    p.s. you totally rocked that mohawk!

  9. You look so much like your mother! When I say the old pictures I almost thought she was you!

    Both beautiful ladies!