Friday, February 1, 2013

Letters to the Oxford Academy

Hello February!

So, Friday, we meet again. I'm just kidding, I'm sooo glad to see you! Why you be so far away?!

Today will be short and sweet because this girl is exhausted! I thought going to the gym was supposed to give me more energy, not make me feel like I've been in the sun too long. Although, that, that I wouldn't mind.

I saw these gems in my December issue of the Nordstrom catalog and I immediately wanted them. Tell me they're not adorable! They also come in fuchsia and teal! Buuut.... I don't think I can pull these off. I mean, what the hell would I wear them with!? Ironically enough, I sort of see an outfit in my head. It looks a bit like this....

 I think that looks amazing. The shoes are on display, it's comfy, chic, colorful. I'd totally wear it. The trouble comes when it's time to hit the store and actually find the pieces. It's as if I'm on a scavenger hunt and no one gave me the list!

Maybe I should start with something like this...

All images taken from Pinterest
...since these look adorable paired with tights with a dress or skirt. 

Then again...

Maybe I should make use of these awesome boots in my closet since... oh, November. I've worn them once. I HAVE NO IDEA WHAT TO WEAR THEM WITH!!!

I'm sure you're all screaming at your screen with a million stylish, trendy and fabulous ideas. Please leave them in the comments! I know  should wear them with boot socks but...I can't find any that aren't knee high or over the knee. I know I can wear them with skinny jeans but...I feel like it makes my thighs look bigger than they are. So, if you wouldn't mind-

And because no Friday is complete without a few letters...

Dear February- Please be nice. We have a date with a freezing Atlantic later on and I'd really love if you could at least cooperate with air temperatures. Say mid 40s? You're a gem, thanks.

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Dear Gym: So far we're off to a promising start. Let's keep it going. Mama wants to look nice in her old summer clothes!

Dear Stu; I hope you're enjoying your new home. I'm sorry it took so long. I'm picky about furniture. I'm sure you knew this. You've seen the house.

Dear School: I see you've brought your A game this semester. I've brought mine too.

Dear Oxford shoes: Let's get together. I think we'd really enjoy one another's company. I'd take you out on the town to places you've never been. 

Dear Nails: I try to take such good care of you but you're flaky. You hang around for 2-3 weeks at a time looking all long, well shaped and pretty and then you decide to split like there's no tomorrow.  Toughen up already!

Dear Apple/iPhone: Get your shit together already!!! I am SO tired of all your error messages. Your life is not that hard. #firstworldphoneproblems I take care of you, keep you encased and protected at all times, and don't let you near water because you're like a Gremlin. And how do you repay me? By giving me nothing but error messages, not updating and telling me I have no Internet connection. Please don't make me break up with you.

Dear Superbowl Commercials: For the last few years you've sucked. Step it up. I miss having that one commercial that I wanted to watch over and over again.

Also, if you haven't heard Lauren from Pink on the Cheek is hosting a fabulous giveaway HERE!

See you all on Monday!
Let's go 49ers Ravens 49ers!!

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  1. WTF iphone?!?! Uncool. They need to be perfect.

  2. OMG I WANT THOSE OXFORDS SO BADDDD. Teal. Or fuchsia*. Or both.

    *Thank God I have spellcheck to help me spell fuchsia.

    **Fuchsia looks like a rare fungus.

    ***Or an STD.

    ****Or a fungal STD.


    Where are these boots? Is there a picture that I'm missing? I will help! But whatever I say you should pair with them, you should probably just do the opposite. Because I have ZERO fashion sense. So really, I'm still doing you a favor. Just see what I'm doing and RUN IN THE OPPOSITE SARTORIAL DIRECTION.

  3. The first set of shoes look fine but I suggest using a pair you already own. As for what to put them with...well you could always not care about creating a certain style and wear them with anything.

    I'm pretty sure I just committed a sin saying that in a few minutes I'll be struck by a bolt of lightning.

  4. I could never pull those off!!! Would love to see an outfit with the brighter colors! So fun!

  5. Oh my goshhh I love those teal oxfords. Want want want.
    x Hilary