Friday, February 8, 2013

Most Likely

Hello, hello!

I'm so happy on this snowy Friday! Why? Well for starters IT'S SNOWING!!! I love snow. Second, I just got into work and an e-mail popped up saying our office is closing at 2 - WIN. Third, it's Friday baby!

Today I've got a jumble of things going on.So try and stay with me!

Last night I took the boyfriend out for dinner last night to Brass Rail in Hoboken for Restaurant Week.  Lately we've been less than lovey. He's a complete workaholic and although I'm equally busy with school and really enjoy my alone time, we weren't spending any quality time together. Time to take a step back and regroup. We had a nice date night and both enjoyed ourselves. It was much needed to say the least.

Today I'm taking a day off from Fun Fearless Friday, but you still all go check out the link-up! While you're visiting with Miss Kelly please stop by this post. Although I have no idea what they're going through, my heart feels for this family.

Next, we all remember high school right? And we remember the most likely to... section no? Well, if you were like me, you never won anything. The adorable Erin over at Shades of Gray and a Pinch of Pink is giving us a chance to all be winners with her Superlative Yourself link-up.

I nominate myself as most likely to....

Still be in school
Turn into Maxine as she gets older
Continue to have the best hair - EVER.
Leave New Jersey for Boston
Never say no to a drink
Still say no to long as they belong to someone else
Decide that for all her independence needed, realize she'd like to be a SAHW
Most likely to be brought to her knees by a 10 month old little girl

And because no Friday is complete without a letter or two:

Dear Snow: PILE IT ON!!!
Dear Work: Thanks for letting us out early. Hello 2.5 day weekend!
Dear Readers: I'm planning a new link up. Look for me talking about it next week. I hope you'll all join my awesome co-host and I.
Dear IRS: You own me. But only for 3 more years and then, then those refunds are MINE.
Dear Money: I'm glad we're becoming friends and you're comfortable living in my account. I told you you'd get used to it and feel right at home. You're invited to stay forever.

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  1. Dropping in from the link-up!
    I feel ya on the kid issue! I love 'em, but it's not my time yet! And who WOULDN'T want to turn into Maxine as they get older?! She's amazing!

    Sheena @ It's All in the Details

  2. OOOOOHHHHHH I so wish I was stuck in that snow storm. Snow makes me unbelievably horny. Like gotta have you right now kind of sex.

  3. LOL at Maxine! Literally, I did. And lucky you for getting out of work early. Have a great weekend!

  4. I love "Restaurant Weeks" They are always so fun and I LOVE the food.