Monday, February 18, 2013

Thanks Dead Presidents

It's Monday. So soon? Fortunately I'm not working today. Which means this will be short, sweet and completely nonsensical. Oh and uhh, happy President's Day. Or something.

Went to a friend's cousin's birthday party yesterday. He turned 19 on Saturday. Sooo, Jen and I decided it would be a fantasti idea to cover his face in ice cream cake.

And then we all went for a walk under the bridge 'cause I don't ever wanna feel, like I did before. The drive/walkway that we were on passes directly below the bridge. When you go all the way down there's a park that is always packed in the summer with people having BBQ's. Have I mentioned before that I'm fascinated with bridges? Oh, 'cause umm, I am. probably couldn't explain why I liked them even if I wanted to. Although, back in 2006 a friend of mine asked why I like the Pulaski Skyway so much as we were driving under it. The first thing out of my mouth? "I don't know. It's just big and long" Yea... that about sums it up.

Fat Mum Slim posted the #MARCHPHOTOADAY list yesterday. I think I'm going to participate again. I've enjoyed doing February and I think it will be fun to post a picture a day of what I interpret the word to mean and to see what others come up with. Plus I love taking pictures. A lot. This is definitely something I probably should have gone to school for. Damn you hindsight!!! So, as a heads up if you want to participate, here's the March list!

Last week I posted about how I had been thinking about hosting a guest blogger to shake things up. I'm happy to say that Wednesday I have a special treat for you guys starring a great Ms. Lazidaisical!


  1. I'm off too. I LOVE it. YAY DEAD PRESIDENTS!

  2. YAY ME FOR WEDNESDAY!!! Haha. I love stuff underneath bridges, sorta like you mentioned. I think it's a cute use of space when there's parks underneath em; but I like the graffiti and strangeness that accumulates below them, too. And the March Photo A Day sounds like something I might join you in doing...!

  3. Ice cream facials. They're the next big thing. I can tell.