Friday, February 22, 2013

There's An APB Out For My Sanity

It's Friday but it doesn't feel like it.
Probably because I have a wild and crazy night of laundry ahead of me.
Just makes you want to dance on the tables doesn't it?

Tomorrow is Saturday and I'm anxious.

Tomorrow, after weeks of waiting, my crazy decision comes to fruition.

The Atlantic ocean and  are about to get reacquainted.

Please go HERE to help me reach my goal. I'm only $50 away from meeting it.

To say that it will be cold is an understatement. We all know February is the coldest month of the year. Fortunately for me, I convinced my dumb crazy friend into doing this with me. Take note people: True friends will jump into 40' water with you in the dead of winter.

I'm as ready as I'll ever be I suppose. I'll be packing a survival kit tonight.
I'm sure I've mentioned it before but if there's one thing I truly hate, it's being cold. It makes me alsmost as cranky as when I'm hungry. Oviously this is a very big thing for me. I'm going to try and preserve what little body heat I can after by immediately jumping into my plushy Bath & Body Works robe and fur lined winter boots. And God help the person who doesn't bring my hot chocolate fast enough (I'm looking at you K!)

Check back on Monday to see how I did.

Guys, I'm scurrred!


  1. Good luck with the plunge, and I hope you don't get a cold or anything. Well done on taking a friend with you too. I love Jessica but I doubt I'd jump in to freezing cold water with her. Though I think neither of us can swim anyway.

  2. Ahh! Girl you're crazy but you can do it!! How intense...I'm cold just thinking about it!!! Good luck!!!! Xo

  3. Good Luck!!!!

    Should be a good story!!!

  4. EEEEE! Is it weird that I'm excited for you? don't be coy, of course it is. But I can't wait to read all about it!!