Wednesday, March 13, 2013

Drink Me

Hello loves!

Today kicks off the start of Scintilla '13. If you recall from last year it's 2 weeks of story telling prompts. I enjoyed participating so I'm back to it this year. If you're interested, you'll need to sign up and 2 prompts will be e-mailed to you daily.

One of today's prompts is to tell a story about a time I was drunk before I was legally allowed to drink.

Hands down, junior prom. (Mom, feel free to skip this post...)

 3 friends and I went together and I genuinely don't remember anything at Jr Prom other than having McDonalds before, having our picture taken and then going to Denny's after. I'm banking that I had a good time. Don't all good nights start and end with going to McDonalds and Denny's in a prom dress? I think yes.

However, the "after party" is recalled but fuzzy- the sign of a good night. We were all staying at a friend's house, her mom of course was away. When the cat is away...

As play we did. We spent the night drinking absolute vodka and fruit punch. My then friend JV and I ended up crying in the kitchen sink, bonding over our troublesome brothers. At some point we realized crying in the sink was not the way to spend the night so we went back to the bedroom. Or rather, she did.

There I am walking stumbling down the hall and the next thing I know I'm on the floor. What the hell just happened?! So like any good drunk I called on the wall for assistance in helping me stand. It was very helpful and I was on the floor again. At this point I realized standing was futile. So I crawled the rest of the way. Success!

I'm pretty sure it was then then someone introduced me to my soon-to-be friend Jose. Nice to meet you sit! I was standing, Jose kissed me and I had to sit down. When I came to I was lying down. Talk about a kiss knocking you off your feet!

Fast forward to the next morning and my friend drove me home (she had work HA!) Of course once home I had to appear sober. You know, the whole underage, parents will kill me kind of thing. Personally, I thought I was doing pretty well. I mean, pulling an all-nighter is hard to hide anyway, so that was my story. As mother's typically do, she knew better. My brother and sister were oohing and aging over something I was doing on the computer and they were just being extra loud. So I shushed them. And then those motherly words rang out: "Little hungover are ya?" What?! No! I'm just so tired, we didn't sleep. She didn't say anything else but she knew. And I knew she knew. As she knew I knew she knew. I'm convinced mother's are a part of the Jedi alliance. That or ninjas.

I made a lot of new friends that year. Jose, Bud, Miller, Jack - he later became my BFF.

Speaking of drinking, tonight will be magical. Way back in December I stumbled upon a Dropkick Murphys concert that was going to be taking place about 6 blocks from my office. I made the executive decision that I had to go and like any self-respecting music-obsessed fan, I bought tickets. It kicks off my St. Patrick's Day weekend and, you guys, I'm so damn excited. I even bought knee high socks for the occasion. (Yes, I'm that girl who owns a pair of socks for every holiday. Still need some for Turkey day though)

Assuming I make it to Monday, I'll see all your lovely faces then!



  1. I only drank once when underage. It was actually on my school bus. That's just the kind of school I went to! We had a "prom" but I didn't go. I think the hallmark of a true good night out is that you don't remember it. Mothers always know. They always, always know.

  2. THIS sounds like an absolutely perfect prom night--except for old Jose wiping you out the way he does. I swear tequila is the one alcohol I just can't handle.

    Glad to see you back for a second year!

  3. Knee socks are a must! I have never come across turkey socks either though. Could we get rich off of that!?!?!

  4. Oh gosh - sometimes I look back at high school and just shake my head! ha! And let's be honest. I'm 24 years old and I STILL consider it a good night if it starts at McDonald's and ends at Denny's. :)

  5. Baha - you had me at your post title... yes I will drink! We'd for sure get in trouble together!!!

    Pearls & Paws

  6. Oh underage drinking...we thought we were sooo good at it. Haha. My mom was "cool", so she helped me throw up during my first hangover.

    I LOVE Dropkick Murphy's!! So fun!