Monday, March 25, 2013


5 days a week I spend in Manhattan.
I've wanted to live in the city ever since I was a little Michael.
And then I moved to New Jersey and the new goal was to work in the city.
Mission accomplished.

New York is a special place. Anyone who says otherwise has probably never been here is a liar.
Anything in the world, you can find in New York.
You want Ethiopian, Greek, Turkish, Thai, Lebanese food - we've got it and so much more.
Music, raves, celebrities, trends - checks on checks on checks (see what I did there)

My point is we have it all.
So imagine my surprise when I learned we have Germany too.
Not just beer and food.

Real, live, pieces of Germany.

 photo d45c7108-399f-42d7-8dfa-2c7325bd0239_zpsce217fec.jpg

I was browsing the NYC website looking for hours/prices for some things my cousin wanted to do on her visit. It brought me to an article about hidden gems in the city. Did you know there's a hidden subway station under City Hall? And that right here in midtown in Paley Park was German history.

 photo 0975dcb5-981d-4790-a901-4f0b7129e142_zpsd270747e.jpg

These 5 sections measure 12 feet high.
This was a portion of the wall's western side. However, the other side is blank. Way to be boring and oppressive East Germany.

It wasn't much and if you aren't looking for it you most likely will miss it. We walked right past it and had to double back.

After leaving the wall we headed down to Grand Central Terminal.

 photo 938eccf3-55a9-44cf-a7da-8019add20a13_zps8bbd2c03.jpg

Nestled in between it's much taller neighbors the transportation hub looks somewhat out of place.

 photo 8d30e9a0-8b82-4d51-b428-5c65950af536_zps9342d3a3.jpg

Once inside, it almost seems busier than the streets.

 photo 7872169c-9c98-4584-a404-1391e24a8ba7_zps54871a42.jpg

The terminal turned 100 years old on February 2nd. In 1967 it was deemed a New York City landmark and later in 1976 the terminal was made a national historic landmark.

I tried taking this picture myself but it came out too dark. Source.

The mural on the Main Concourse's ceiling depicts the Mediterranean sky during the October to March zodiac.

 photo 4a00e126-13d0-426a-8c8b-f5a866a95bd9_zps9c3b9431.jpg

 photo 24789372-1e85-490b-9e45-ca967fbbb715_zpsffb93635.jpg

The main reason for going to the terminal was because my cousin wanted to go to Whispering Gallery. It's an unmarked, little known spot in front of the Oyster Bar where you can hear what someone on the other side of the archway is saying. 

 photo 89fe234c-e20d-4649-8303-b758af125d0a_zps0570c684.jpg

 photo 349fe705-5730-4cd9-aa3c-86b07c415c78_zps1f389d41.jpg

Grand Central is pretty impressive, even to the jaded New Yorker. It's filled with restaurants, lounges, rotating exhibits and is one of the best places for people watching. 

Stop back tomorrow to see where this train took me...

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  1. That is pretty awesome that they have a piece of German history in NYC. Let's not forget as well that the statute of Liberty is French!

  2. Thanks for the virtual tour! I've only been to NYC once (I know, I know) but can't wait to go back. It's a magical place!

  3. Haha that's so funny that you have the wall there. I am from the Netherlands, would love to visit NY one day!



  4. THat is so cool! Hidden station! :) It must be so nice to achieve your dreams! I must say it sounds like a great place to live! :)