Friday, March 8, 2013

Fishtails and Sunnies

Today I need to channel my inner Samuel L. Jackson:

T.G. I. motherfucking F.

Winter decided to make a desperate last ditch attempt to stick around a bit longer and I don't appreciate it one bit. So the only letter of the day...

Dear winter- Give it up already. You are trying way to hard to get people to like you. Smothering us and overstaying your welcome will not get you to the popular table. Take a break, go on vacay, think about what you want in season and come back when you've regrouped. Trust me - we'll all appreciate it.

Moving on.....
It's been a looong time since I've got in on the Fearless Friday fun so today - it's time.

At first I hated these things. Do you want to wear a long skirt or a short one? Make up your mind people.

But then I was leaving work last week and I saw a girl in one and it looked sooo awesome. It was a light tan/nude skirt and she'd paired it with cognac boots and a cropped leather jacket and it just looked amazing. So, now I think I want one. But I'm not sure.
a) I don't own cognac boots (I know. Please don't tar and feather me)
b) boot weather is almost over
c) wtf do I wear it with?!


Hi-Low by gotjack28 featuring a lace skirt

I freaking love every single one of these.

And because of my MIA status you're getting a 2 for 1!
Aviator Love

The summer staple right?
Not for me.
I love aviators. I think they look awesome on just about everyone.... but me.
I'm told they 'work on everyone' but I have yet to find a pair that I think compliment my face.
The only time I came close was in Nordie's.
They were Dior and they actually seemed to look good.
But I can't break bread for a pair of sunnies that cost half my rent.
I just can't do it. Sorry, I'm not sorry.

So I'll continue on with my over sized plastic Oscar de la Renta frames.
Compliments of TJM

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  1. I just got a new pair of ray ban aviators and I LOVE them! The whole high low skirt thing idk about it.

  2. Believe it or not a version of those high low skirts were in fashion back in the stone age when I was in high school. I should have kept some of mine so I would be in style now.

  3. I love the high low dresses! so i actually bought a high low skirt this past weekend!! so excited to style it and wear it!!

  4. ...I personally don't think oversized glasses look good on anyone, but I do like those skirts. They seem to me like a female version of the tailcoat, which is something I love. As for winter, well we all know I love snow, and prefer winter, but I do admit it is possible for it to overstay it's welcome. Snow is sometimes more fun to see than to be in.

  5. I haven't gotten into the hi-lo hem yet. I tried one dress but it made me look short. It wasn't the hemline's fault, just not a flattering cut. Those aviators are great. Your snow picture literally made me cold. YUCK.

  6. I love the way hi low skirts look! I am wanting to find a really cute hi low dress to wear with all my cute wedges!!

  7. Cute! I like the two middle ones the best!

  8. Pair with wedges!! When the snow melts, that is.. ;)

  9. Girl how the heck haven't I been following you already?!! Fixed that. Moving on - I have so much trouble with aviators! I am on the hunt but I have yet to find a pair I love! I am loving the hi-low hems lately though! Now that I can work with!!

    PS ihatesnow

  10. I am already just one adam's apple away from looking like a transvestite, so aviators really don't do a damn thing for me. And it's currently snowing right now, so I've pretty much given up all hope for spring. We're just going to launch straight into summer.