Saturday, March 9, 2013

March Madness | Lists

The other day I was reading Janna's post about making lists and I just kept screaming "Yes!" in my head. Like those old Herbal Essence commercials. 

Just with less hair washing.

Well, that gorgeous gal was looking for co-hosts, I volunteered and that's all she wrote.

Join, Janna, Megan and I on Monday for a little

Perception Is Everything

Here is what my list is shaping up to so far:
Learn to use my NEW camera {Tell ya 'bout it soon}
Read two books that hubby gave me, including ProBlogger
Update my iPhone
Spring clean
Make Exercise goals

Figure out our Kindle
Begin Freelance Writing OR Start another blog
Plan our trip to Virginia and Ohio for June

What would be on your to-do list? 
It could be similar to this, could be creatively motivated, a blogging to-do list, fashion challenge, budgeting challenge, etc. All that matters is that you tackle something you need or want to accomplish, and we will help you be accountable.

It doesn't have to be crazy. Just a list of what you're hoping to accomplish by the end of the month. 

So I hope to see your smiling faces annnnd your to-do lists linking up on 
Monday, March 18th!!

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  1. I'm no good with lists really so mine would essentially be "Write. Write. Write. WRITE ALREADY!" but good luck with yours.