Tuesday, March 26, 2013

No Sleep Til...

In just a few weeks it will be my 8 year anniversary of living in NJ.
8 years... and yet I feel as though I've lived here my entire life.

That's not to say that living here came easily, because it didn't. For the first year and a half I hated it. I didn't fit in, everyone seemed so stuck up and full of themselves. People were (and still are) so concerned with materialistic things - how was I ever going to find my place?

I'm not quite sure when it happened, but one day NJ became home. This was my life and this was where I was living it. 5 minutes from NYC, 45 minutes from a decent shore point, and 4 hours from Boston. This is my corner of the world and I wouldn't have it any other way.


There are still things that I haven't done in the time I've lived here.  
Tour Ellis Island; climb the Statue of Liberty (which reopens 7/4/13 btw); see an opera... but I did do one thing from my list recently

I crossed part of the Brooklyn Bridge.
(I wanted to walk the whole thing but they only wanted to do half since it was so cold. I'll go back when it's warmer and do the whole thing)

My cousin from Georgia and her boyfriend came up to visit some of her family in Staten Island. Since I've been meaning to walk the bridge, even though I almost made it after the parade, Thursday was a perfect opportunity so I took a long weekend.

 photo 771dd163-5790-4a8c-b659-0a2f6eebf248_zpsfab0a99a.jpg
 photo fcc87d8c-fcc1-40cd-bf07-4b7e91be1fc4_zpsf6edf1e0.jpg
"The true administration of justice is the firmest pillar of good government"

The legal student in me loves courthouses

 photo 94dd1f62-1c5e-4ecf-bc07-9d42784f0ee8_zps76cd86a6.jpg
United States Courthouse

 photo 8a54e865-a304-414e-9388-0716fff4d976_zpsbc71f7bb.jpg
Manhattan Bridge
 photo dcbc325c-58c6-4824-9cc7-b618451c81f0_zpsc312b2f4.jpg
"Love locks"

 photo 13e9688d-fd8e-4486-8647-e9d83ba8d585_zps996e72bb.jpg

 photo be831d4f-a628-4ed5-850e-a6a733b9495b_zpse891505d.jpg

 photo 4c967d41-1d73-4ed9-8bbd-14358db34f93_zps757237cf.jpg
This one is my absolute favorite.  
Other than it being cold, it was a nice day. This summer I plan to do more and see more. Like I mentioned earlier, I still want to climb the Statue of Liberty and visit Ellis Island among other things. And I will.


  1. Walking the Brooklyn bridge is on the list of things I must do. Ellis Island and the Statue of Libery were both really awesome, I hope you get to do them soon!

  2. You will love Ellis Island and Statue of Liberty. Plus it's still pretty cheap considering NYC prices.

  3. I have never walked the brooklyn bridge... but it would be fun though!

  4. Awesome!!

    This june is gonna be my 6th year of living in NYC. I've walked the BK bridge a couple times, been to ellie island (loved it) but not the statue of liberty! I was going to go this week (spring break) but then I saw it was closed until July 4! Bummer!!

  5. Great pics! I haven't done most of those touristy things, unfortunately..

  6. I'm glad you've made your place there. I'm a litttttle jealous of all the glorious things that are so close to you!

  7. I just wanna get up to that part of the states!!! I have never been that far north! So much to see and do. Happy you are trying to embrace it!!!