Thursday, March 7, 2013

Succulent Love

Hello loves!
We're just about through the week!
It's kind of hard to believe we're in March already but anything that gets me closer to spring, and subsequently summer, is A-okay in my world. Plus, next Sunday is daylight savings. I don't know about you but that tickles my fancy!

Over the weekend I did something different...

Like the other 52167623 users on Pinterest I'm guilty of pinning and forgetting. It's a virtual to do, to buy, to drool over list. Never once have I pinned a recipe and made it. Never once have I pinned a DIY project and done it. Sad right? I'm a perpetual pinner.

This weekend I conquered Pinterest.
(kind of)

For the longest time I've been trying to find something low cost and cute/fun that I would like to do. And because I'm the most indecisive person I know it's clearly taken me forever to decide.

Stu recently moved to a much bigger house. Seriously. Dude has a mansion compared to the fishbowl he was living in. And his upgrade left me with a perfectly good, empty, fishbowl. I didn't want to throw it away and I hate wasting so I hung on to it thinking that I'd re-purpose it somehow. 

Then I remembered I pinned this...

...and I knew I had to try to recreate it.

So I headed to Home Depot (I'm an HD girl. No Lowe's for me thank you.) on Saturday and picked up some baby succulents and cacti.
I freakin' love cacti.
They're incredibly low maintenance and my cat doesn't try to eat them.

 photo d3572b36-0aa0-4ac5-9764-b3a36d7ccd51_zps797f65bc.jpg

Here's how it turned out

 photo 75d6ac20-0481-4227-bb38-e8b628d27135_zps890e0659.jpg

I tried putting the succulent in the fishbowl. The succulent took up all the space so I debated just putting that in and leaving the others on their own.


So I improvised and took an old pot that I had and used that for the succulent and cactus. I could have arranged it better and added all 3 but if you've ever handled a cactus before you know they're not very flexible.

 photo 88ad6172-37c6-41fc-88c5-0916dfac0aa0_zps674a7571.jpg

I probably should have put the tall one in with the succulent since it would have offered more wiggle room for my hand and a splash of color. But... I didn't. Live and learn.

I'm a dork who's obsessed with plants so I'll probably be repeating this project. Next time I'll find a fishbowl big enough to house all my desert flora.

So there it is! My first Saw It, Pinned It, Did it! I'm feeling pretty accomplished if I do say so.

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  1. Great job! I have seen those and think they are super cute. I have a black thumb, though, so I will leave it to you ;)

  2. I think it ended up looking pretty well so good job. I think if I'm ever to get another plant it needs to be a cactus as everything I touch seems to die.

  3. I love plants! You did a great job I want one

  4. That looks cool! I have mason jars that I need to find something on Pinterest to do. LOL

  5. Way to go!!! I love your pins and the one you recreated! I am a sucker for succulents too!! :)

  6. Cute! I love succulents, they are strong enough to survive my house.

  7. Really cute! At first I was sad that the fish bowl thing didn't work out but I really like the rustic looking pot!

  8. PLEASE make this a regular feature! I love seeing what people make and do in their free time. I ESPECIALLY love it when the projects turn out so well, as yours did!

    I'm really good about making the recipes I pin (I will shamelessly admit my pinterest is basically my virtual recipe library and I spam my followers with recipes for my personal gain), but I don't really pin any crafts because I know I'll never make them. Now that I have a house (post coming soon!), that's gonna change, man. I'm going to Pinterest the SHIT out of that house.