Monday, March 18, 2013

Taking Care of Business

Perception Is Everything

Spring is referred to as a time of new beginnings. Flowers, weddings, spring cleaning, etc.
Basically, we try to start fresh.

Today I'm co-hosting and linking up with Blogland's sweetheart Janna for March Madness. I've been starting fresh for a few weeks now. Here's a recap of how it's been going.

March Goals

Go to the gym at least 3x a week I think I've been doing okay on this but there's always room for improvement. I didn't want to go to the gym last Monday so instead I did weights at home and then did day 1 of the C25K program. However, spring break was this past week so I completely fell off the wagon. Time to get back to it!

Use My Fitness Pal I've been rocking this. I logged in yesterday to track my food and there was a note in my news feed that I had logged in 20 days in a row. Score!

Get the house cleaned up/aired out I live for open windows and spring/summer breezes. I hate having to have my house all closed up in the winter. Granted the windows are usually open somewhat because otherwise my apartment is like an oven, I want wide open windows and fresh air. I have company coming next week so this is also a chance to get my butt in gear and get everything clean, dust free and organized.

Start building my savings account I've been being diligent about this. I am so insanely, unbelievably fed up with never having extra money if an impromptu dinner invite comes up. t sounds ridiculous but I always pay too many bills and then have maybe $30 in my account to last me the next 2 weeks. You know what that adds up to? A whole lotta missed shoes fun!

Meal Planning I confess that I haven't been doing this at all. Mainly because when I decided to start doing it I had no specific plan in mind. Meal planning. That was it. Ok, well I've since revamped this and I want to have at least 3 meals planned out or prepped each week. Crock pot friendly recipes are a life saver so I'll be looking into those. Unfortunately, everything I keep seeing is cheesy fatty goodness so I'll be on the look out for lighter options.

Downsize and Reorganize I'm so OCD about being organized. I like everything put away, organized and clutter free. It should be noted that I re-validated my need for order after watching back to back episodes of Hoarders: Buried Alive this weekend. These people... my God. Even though I'm nowhere near being a hoarder I still make sure that I'm not wasting space and keeping things I have no use for. I've been going through my closets and trashing or donating the things I no longer have use for.

Reorganize music and make new playlists I swear this will never be complete. I've very picky about how my music is organized. I just moved everything from my external HD back to my laptop, which was a pain. So far, all is good. I'm still redoing my playlists. 

Stay focused in school This sounds like it should be easy but it's not. I take night classes because I work all day. Commuting from Manhattan to NJ to get my car and then driving to school all within 90 minutes is not always easy. It makes for long, exhausting days and when I finally get home, all I want to do is crash. I need to work out a better system for staying on top of everything and still having a life. 

What's on your agenda?

Perception Is Everything

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  1. Sounds like a great list. I cleaned out my laundry room this weekend which was driving me crazy, and I got rid of two huge garbage bags of junk. Now it's so clean and organized all I want to do is wash clothes. LOL

  2. you know im going to do this! I love me some to-do lists!

  3. What an awesome list! I like how you hit all of the important stuff, working out, eating right, organizing...

    My to-do list is a mile and a half long since I got laid off. Oh well, it will all get done!

  4. I wish that I was OCD about organization! I love being organized, but it's a long process getting there for me. Haha. I REALLY want to downsize before and after our next move. That will really help. Thanks for co-hosting!!