Friday, April 19, 2013


Happy Friday peeps!
I hope you're all made it through the week relatively unscathed.

A while back I saw someone do an ABC list and I thought it was a fun idea. I recently saw it again and this time I remembered to bookmark it for myself.
So, here we go!

A. Age 28. 29 in November but I seriously can wait until 30. I plan to live them as I should have in my 20s. Just without all the screw ups and uncertainty.

B - Bed size Queen, but when K is over (all the time) it's not enough. I need a king. Yes, need.

C - Chore you hate Washing the dishes. A few is fine, but a sink full? UGH!

D - Dogs Love them!
This one... is my favorite - Weimaraners

E - Essential start to your day Sadly the first thing I do, often before my eyes are even fully open, is check my e-mail/messages.

F - Favorite color I really like all colors. But the ones I wear most often, purple, teal, yellow and blue.

G - Gold or Silver Silver all the way. My skin tone is yellow based so I feel gold is just blah on me.

H - Height 5'8" thank you!

I - Instruments you play I played the flute in 5th grade for maybe 2 months.

J - Job title Legal Secretary

K - Kids Indifferent. If it happens, fine. If not, no big deal.

L - Live Life to its fullest.

M - Married Yes... someday

N - Nickname Brats; B; Mike

O - Overnight hospital stays Not since I was 6 and had pneumonia

P - Pet Peeve I don't think you have the patience to read that list. Briefly, people who stop at yield signs or don't right on red, people who don't observe proper escalator etiquette, people wearing white after Labor Day... Yeah. I'll stop now.

Q - Quote


R - Righty or lefty Righty, but I do some things with my left that traditionally I'm not supposed to, like cutting my food and wearing my watch.

S - Siblings 3

T - Time you wake up On weekdays, around 6:30 (30 mins late). On the weekends, 7:30. Always

U - University attended Montclair State

V - Vegetables you dislike Brussel sprouts, artichokes, leeks, green peppers.

W - What makes you run late Blogging. Oops..

X - X-rays you've had My hand when my cat bit me

Y - Yummy food ALL THE FOOD!

Z - Zoo animal favorite Elephants, lions, peacocks, gorilla
(I'll be visiting them later in the spring)



  1. Girl i hate doing the dishes!! seriously i rather clean the toilet!! i dont know why i just hate it!!
    I think everyone needs a king! it give you enough room to sleep and be comfortable!!

  2. I have the same issue wearing gold...and I love Weimaraners!! My cousins have one named Sadie and she is so beautiful.

  3. My dog is part Weimaraner and I love them!! I'm with you on the dishes. THEY SUCK.

  4. Weims for the win! I have one & I absolutely LOVE him.