Monday, April 8, 2013

Boozy Brunch With a Side of Sweaty Men

What a weekend y'all!

I took a mental health day on Friday and it was fabulous! I went to the gym, cleaned the house and played tennis with K. Let's just say that I am the best need some practice. But I do have one hell of a serve. By Sunday night my new found muscles were sore. 

Saturday was a lazy morning watching movies. I didn't want to use all my energy before the big meet.

Blogger meet that is.

I had the pleasure of meeting one of my favorite ladies in blog land, Erin. You know, that puppy obsessed, Blue Moon lovin', sassy pants girl we all know and love from Two Thirds Hazel. I also met 2 new-to-me bloggers, Setarra from The Burghal Girl and Kaitlin from A Dogwood in Brooklyn

We met for a boozy brunch at The Sunburnt Calf on the Upper West Side. $20 for a good burger and endless mimosas? I think yes. Of course that wasn't enough drinking so we made our way over to The Stumble Inn to keep it going. 

Setarra, Erin, myself and Kaitlin
Throughout the day I learned a few gems. 
One, assholes shall henceforth be referred to as "pickles with ears". 
Two, when you're singing Happy Birthday to someone, make sure you remember their name. Otherwise it's hilariously awkward.
Three, and I already knew this, but I feel the need to reiterate, day drinking is the way to go. 

Later that night I hung out with friends for Wrestlemania. 
The cool thing (to me), it was held here in NJ at MetLife Stadium. 
I have no idea why I actually watched it. Oh wait, sure I do. 

Who doesn't love The Rock? Oh Dwayne... let's hang out. I promise it won't be weird. All you need to do is hug me... and carry me around. Don't worry John, I haven't forgotten you, you're invited too. 
My love for a strong upper body is almost unhealthy. It's my kryptonite. 

Here we are with Monday peeking out and trying to spoil all the fun. I woke up from trying to stay alive all night. Zombies are cool and all, but they are truly my living nightmare. And of course that was my dream. It was like living on Dead Island (that's a gamer reference if you were wondering). Everywhere I went, the bar, a train, a bus, a house - zombies. And then, when all hope seemed lost, a zombie came, and our small band of survivors was surely doomed... but then! 

Vampires saved us! (?!?)

I fought it but they started to bite people. They were fine but when it was my turn I was fighting it. Finally I caved and he bit me (and it was heavenly) and all of a sudden everyone was safe again. 

Oh I know what you're thinking... what the fuck!? 

My thoughts too.

And with that,

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  1. Ahahaha I forgot about pickles with ears!! It was so much fun hanging out with you girls I hope we can do it again :)

  2. Glad you has fun at bloggy meet up! And I was at Wrestlemania and drooled when The Rock came out. I love him.

  3. I wish I knew some blogger people that were local to us, that we could take out drinking and give alcohol poisoning to. Very envious of your good times, minus the sweaty men.

  4. Yay! Can't wait till next time! And yes ... The Rock can get it ;)

  5. God damn it. Maybe I was drunker than I thought because I completely forgot about the pickles with ears thing too. I told Setarra that her mom is coming next time.

    So glad I got to meet you too! So much fun, we must make this a tradition. I need more friends to daydrink with.

  6. Blogger meet up are always the best!! you look so cute!! I would die if i met a famous person especially the rock!!

  7. LOVE your animal print scarf!!!!! Imagine wearing only that to meet The Rock. MEOW!!!!!!!

  8. Sounds fun! I haven't read any of those blogs, so thanks for the recommendations.

    Didn't the Rock quit wrestling?? Although why I'm asking that, I have no idea, since I know nothing about Wrestlemania :)

  9. you had me at forever a giants fan! :) loving this NJ love friend!

  10. FUN!!!!!!!!!!! And you look SUPER CUTE! Loving the scarf!

  11. Haha...the birthday song is always awkward. From people singing off key to forgetting the name, to everyone calling the birthday person different nicknames at once. Looks like it was a good time!

  12. Lol! Great post! Love the photo of you and your friends! You all look GORGEOUS! Hugs from Cali! xx The Golden Girls

  13. okay, just the title of this post cracked me up :)! hahah love it.

  14. Seriously. DAYDRINKING. You can't start TOO early because then you'll be passed out by noon, but how else can you drink all day, crash for a nap, and still get up and have dinner like it's no big deal? OR you can drink all day, pass out at ten p.m., and wake up the next day with no hangover. BOOM. Daydrinking. It's an art. A skill. A WAY OF LIFE.


    love it. pencil me in for a blate. please and thank you.