Thursday, April 11, 2013

LB in Wonderland - EXPOSED!

Hello loves! 
 It's finally Thursday which means it's Friday Eve. Which means it's Thirsty Thursday. It also means it's time to link up with Jess and expose a blogger!

Today I'm exposing LB. 
She's recently new to my blogroll but I think she's absolutely adorable. 
First of all, she has a secret desire to go kayaking with killer whales, which I think is beyond awesome. I'm all over it. And secondly, her studly boyfriend is named Michael. Clearly she has good taste. 

But enough of my thoughts, here's a taste of LB straight from the source. 

Hi All!

My name is LB and I'm stopping by from my little corner of the blogosphere, LB in Wonderland. I am so excited to be exposed by Michael today!

A few things about me...
...I have the largest sweet tooth out of anyone I have ever met
...I love to laugh & give great big hugs
...I just moved from the 'burbs into the city & am finally figuring out how to function in a place that doesn't have more cows than residents.
...I blog about being a loving girlfriend, cherishing the little things in life, dealing with anxiety, going on adventures & a whole lot of other things.
...I love new followers & discovering new blogs, so please stop on by. :)

As for today's post...

Ever have a week where every outfit you put together just doesn't come out right? A time when you leave the house knowing Joan Rivers would rip you to shreds? It's been one of those weeks for me. I have been completely wardrobe challenged. So, I decided I would share with you not What I Wore (be thankful, I am the most awkward picture poser-ever) & instead show you 

What I Wish I Wore

First up...
Spring Fling

Spring Fling by lbinwonderland featuring a turquoise bracelet

This outfit would have been perfect for the sunny but cool days the weather has been dealing out this week. I love wearing clothes in muted tones and then throwing in some bright accessories and shoes. (Why, oh, why- did I not think of this on Monday? I blame HGTV-it keeps me up way too late at night.)

Summer date night

Summer date night by lbinwonderland featuring a h & m

I am loving this dress and think it would be perfect for a date night with my man. I have a hard time rocking the color orange, so I like that it is included in the dress but doesn't overtake it.

So, there you are. What I Wish I Wore and maybe one day will channel inspiration from so I don't leave the house looking like a fashion disaster.

Thanks so much to Michael for letting me guest post today!!

& thank you for reading, lovelies!



I'd love to have you stop by & follow my adventures!
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Let me just say I am loving these outfit choices. Seriously? Why can't clothes just appear in my closet when I pin them? It's 2013 world... get it together!

Do you want to expose yourself? Let me know!


  1. Well I have to say I've never really had a time where I wish I had worn a different outfit. I barely have enough clothes to form outfits as it is. But LB seems delightful and this is a pretty good idea to help expose other bloggers.

  2. Welcome to the party LB. You picked a good friend in Michael, she's awesome!! I often have the "what I wish I wore" feeling when I'm out and about and realize that I really did go out in public in what I had on at the moment. I think it's called wardrobe regret. I totally get it!

  3. Nice to meet you LB! Love that maxi dress you picked! And frankly you and I could have an awkward pose-off because I think I can get pretty awkward. Haha hence no outfit pics on my blog!

  4. Cute!! I need to check her out - she looks adorable :)

    Pearls & Paws