Saturday, April 6, 2013

Let's Get Physical - April

Every "I'm going to exercise and lose weight" effort is the same isn't it?

We start with the best of intentions and we may even see success but somewhere along the trail life takes over and our good intentions find their way to the back burner.
Been there, done that.

Last month I co-hosted with Janna for March Madness. As we move into April, those goals are still on my mind and I am trying my hardest to not let them get pushed to the back burner.

I was reading Evani's April post for her Let's Get Physical link-up and I thought Yes! I need to do something like this again. I was reading her list and saw a lot of my own issues.

Simply Evani

So what's on the agenda for April?

Dino chicken nuggets were dinner at least 3 times last week
I'm not pushing myself as hard as I could
I'd want to rejoin Weight Watchers instead of doing this "on my own"

Just because I didn't use My Fitness Pal does not mean it doesn't count
Putting a swimsuit out where I can see it does not motivate me
Even 30 minutes of exercise is better than nothing

Buy new sneakers
Buy a scale
Take measurements every other week
Eat cleaner as often as possible
Cut back (a lot) on carbs
Do my Yoga/bootcamp DVDs

So that's where my fitness life is at right now.

This week I was pretty good. I hit the gym twice and I did strength training at home. Friday afternoon I took the day off and K and I played an hour of tennis. I plan to do this link up every month to help keep myself accountable.


  1. I kept re-reading that sentence "eat cleaner" and thought I was going to have to stage an intervention. What kind of cleaner is she going to eat I thought? Oh no, I must save Michael before she does something drastic. Finally the real meaning sunk in. DUH!!!!!

  2. It's good to keep yourself accountable, it's one of the points of tracking your food. You have a pretty good way to do it too so good luck.

  3. Confession: I had so much pizza last weekend. In my defense, every kitchen item I own is in a box. But this week? Two bags of spinach in the fridge, man. I'mma eat ALL THE SPINACH!

    And then I will drink ALL THE WATER!!

    And then I will RUN ALL THE MILES!

    Okay, no. I will not do the last one. I couldn't even run ONE mile. So maybe I will WALK ALL THE MILES! Or at least CARRY ALL THE BOXES AND FURNITURE UP ALL THE STAIRS! So really...that's about as strenuous as running miles, right? Right?!?!

  4. Yea girl! Thanks for linking up, we're so happy to have you. Dino nuggets are on my list of favorite things ever, which make them so hard to resist! Keep on keeping on girlfriend, I love the idea of measurements!