Monday, April 22, 2013

Sitch The Ball-less Wonder

Holy freaking weekend!

I don't know about you but those 2 days passed waayy  too quick. 

Saturday was kind of crazy, even for me.

Yeah, that actually happened
In my defense, it was for a good reason.

The sob story is that I have an 8 page legal memo due on Wednesday; six 2-page papers due on May 1st; a court brief draft due on May 1st; two 5-page papers due on May 14th and a final court brief due on May 15th.
Just a tad busy.

In other news, the Situation has been situated.
On Thursday I took my cat to become a eunuch.
The day went well, I cleaned, went to the Dr about my perceived week long heart attack and handled some other biznit.

I was supposed to pick him up around 5pm, however, at 4 they called me to say that he was already neutered and they didn't do the surgery. Hmm, that's a shock to me since I was present that day he was born and have owned him all 4.5 years of his life and he's never been neutered. I said as much to the caller.

Turns out Sitch was a bit of a late bloomer and his kitty bits never descended. They kept him over night free of charge (umm, yeah!) and did his surgery the next day. I was told they'd have to go through the abdomen as though he were a female. They did tell me that there was only a 50/50 chance of finding both.

Fortunately for him me they were able to get both.
"No balls! NO BALLS!"
name that movie...

He's pissed about having to wear the cone of shame but he started biting at his stitches Saturday afternoon, so on it went. He'll get over it.

In any event, it's Monday. So, Happy Earth Day!
Go be nice to her. Recycle something, plant a tree, pick up trash, walk to wherever you need to go. The point is, treat her right!

Also, Happy Anniversary to the rentals.
18 years. Crazy.

Last but not least, I'm participating in a lovely group giveaway HERE!


  1. Lol ohhh the kitty bits, glad everything worked out! Hope you make some progress on those papers and congrats to your parents! 18 years? That's amazing :)

  2. I think my cat still hasn't forgiven me for neutering him. It's just something a guy shouldn't do to another guy. I actually didn't know that could happen to a kitty, the whole not descending thing.

  3. That's one thing I don't miss about college- the procrastination and papers! I'm a cat lover, so this is adorable (poor thing!)

  4. Aww, poor little ball-less wonder. Maybe that's why all of our pets are female, my hubby probably couldn't bear getting one neutered.

  5. Haha "the situation has been situated." Love it! Also he looks like such a sweetie! And I was so excited when I realized he was a poly - I want a cat with thumbs!!

  6. AWWW!! Poor kitty!! im sure hes not to happy!! COngrats to your parents 18 years is a long time!! Good luck with your papers girly!!

  7. When I got my dog neutered, I had no idea he'd come to put this delicately...EUNICHIFIED. I thought they'd just do a little snip or something and he'd come back knocked out on pain meds and with a few stitches but with all his puppy bits reasonably in place, y'know? Like a puppy vasectomy. Needless to say, I was pretty shocked when my poor boy came back with only the leg of his tripod. I'm pretty sure this is why he's obsessed with balls to this day.