Wednesday, April 17, 2013

That Blogging Monster

Hey y'all! Happy... whatever day it is. I'm still exhausted and trying to get my schedule back in order from this past weekend.
I was completely MIA from social media this weekend and it was AWESOME. I barely checked e-mails, and those I did read, I didn't respond to. I didn't use IG once and my only tweet was while using the bathroom in Five Guys.
I was completely disconnected. And yet I was so connected to everything going on around me.
I love being MIA. I think there's something a little off if you're on social media all day er'ryday. If it's your job a la TMZ, be my guest. But I'm 99% sure none of you work for TMZ. But if you do, give Harvey a hug for me.
I've decided to put the job search on hold. I know I just mentioned this last week but I learned some important adult future retirement information and it's probably to my benefit to stay - even though my salary leaves much to be desired. Literally. See, my company makes profit sharing contributions once a year into our 401(k) plans. Translation: Yay! Free money!
However, in order to "vest" or officially receive said money I need to be employed for 3 full years. Which means 12/31/14. Not so bad. Coincidentally that's the same time I will be finishing school.
I'm taking this as a sign from the universe to keep my booty where it's at.

I apologize for the fluffiness of this post. I do have several posts in the queue for you. I've just been too lazy to finish them. Sad, I know. Does that ever happen to you? You have something you plan to share, it's partially drafted but you just don't ever get to it?  I love blogging. I enjoy blogging my little heart out and it makes me all warm and fuzzy when people comment or let me know they read a post I wrote. My mom and my boyfriend's sister read but it doesn't feel weird to me knowing that IRL people know that I blog. But sometimes. Sometimes I just don't feel like it. I don't want to type. I don't want to search for the image that goes perfectly with my words. I just don't have the energy. It's too easy to let blogging take over and consume you. New posts, replying to comments, tweeting, sponsors, giveaways... It's a hungry monster and it has to be fed. Sometimes I just want, no need, to step away from blogging. To take a break and recharge. So if it's a little quiet for a few weeks, fret not. I'm focusing on final papers for school, reorganizing my life and handlin' my biznit.
In any event, stop by tomorrow because I'm participating in a special one time link-up with those two crazy love-birds - Erin & Whitney.


  1. I feel you on the social media thing!! somedays i just have to put it all down for the day!! I did fora whole weekend and boy was it nice just to hangout again with the hubbers and not have to take pictures or blog or anything for that matter!!
    sometimes we just need a break!

    Being an adult sucks lol! but if it invovles a better future for you stick it out!!it will all work out in the end!!
    have a great day!

  2. Lol partially drafted posts is the story of my life. I never finish them, its a bad habit. I love unplugging from the internet once in awhile, it really feels freeing!

  3. Seriously, they advertise that in the bathrooms???

  4. I LOVE being disconnected from time to time. We all NEED it especially those of us who are ALL OVER social media all the time.

    IMHO 5 Guys sucks! Just sayin

  5. That sounds like a plausible reason for waiting! Don't hate on Five Guys...that shit is good! Haha

  6. I've become the disconnect queen! Spending all day in front of a computer at work (admittedly, drooling over high-res shots of food, but it's still virtual, dammit) makes me so unplugged-friendly when I get home. But the downside is when your entire city goes on lockdown for a crazy manhunt you'll have no clue and walk to the bus stop. And then you'll wonder why the bus is so late. And you'll just stand there. And people driving past in their cars will probably point and laugh at you, the idiot, who never checked Twitter this morning.

    Ahem. So. Yeah. Maybe the whole disconnect thing isn't always the best strategy.